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Another day at the office

We're back from another day at the Disneyland Office. It was less successful than previous Disneyland Office days, because In/Spectre is pretty chatty. Since we don't have music CDs to tell us when to take a break, the usual practice at Disneyland Office is to translate a chapter then take a break. We knew this wouldn't be the best thing to do with In/Spectre, because those chapters are long, but the first chapter seemed like it was going to be shorter than usual...and it was, but not as much shorter than usual as would have helped. And anyway, they took a long time, and we wanted to go to Pizzaterian for dinner before going home, so we called it a day and still have one chapter left.

We also went to the Tiki Room and were relieved to see that they didn't change the show. And we talked to Farley about how devastated we were when they changed Fantasmic!. We were like, "We just need our own park," and he's like, "Just go to Japan," and we were like, "Yeah, but their Fantasmic is bad." Apparently it is impossible to replicate the magic that is the original Fantasmic!, alas.

And we went to Jamba Juice to experiment more with our "maybe what we need is more sugar, but, like, the healthy kind that comes from fruit" theory. So we got smoothies! And almost by accident, just because we're into peach these days, we even got all-fruit smoothies, with no added yogurt or sherbet! ...And it tasted like pulp. Not super gross pulp, so we could still drink the smoothies, but it's a weird phenomenon that results in enhanced blandness of smoothie. So it was like drinking a concoction that tasted like peach-flavored nothing. And we were like, "You know what this smoothie needs? Sugar." The experiment continues.

Today I'm thankful for another productive day at Disneyland Office, getting to experiment with smoothies, Farley being sympathetic to our Fantasmic! woes, having a lovely conversation with our mother on the phone, and the super cute first chapter of this volume of In/Spectre.
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