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A new little friend

Well, we're back to standard time. It was really nice to get some extra sleep this morning. We used the extra time to listen to Out of Shadowland before we got out of bed. Ah, I love that show. And I'm so glad the CD is of the original version, before they changed all the preachy stuff. I like preachy stuff sometimes! And frankly, I think taking it out kind of diminishes the whole point of the show. We still wonder whose idea it was to change it.

It's kind of funny, though. Even though the time change has us staying up later already, we stayed up even later reading Harry Potter. It's really hard to put down the last book. I just want everything to get better already! Oh, poor Harry and Ron and Hermione...

Oh! Page's frolicking reminded me! Athena informs me that after much hesitation, little Eren Yeager summoned the courage to come inside last night. And he even followed Adrien and Mushroom's example to get human attention. And apparently he really liked getting petted, too. Aww, cute little guy (or girl).

Today I'm thankful for getting to sleep in this morning, getting to listen to Out of Shadowland, getting to read Harry Potter, getting to make friends with Eren Yeager (the kitten), and having some yummy cookies to look forward to.
Tags: harry potter, kitties, out of shadowland

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