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Alethea & Athena
More Disneyland stuff 
1st-Nov-2018 09:28 pm
This morning we discovered that the Edens Zero pirates have finally figured out that they can save themselves a lot of work by just illegally sharing the English language release. On the bright side, it means all the people reading Edens Zero will have much better translations. On the not so bright side, pirates. I wonder how all the people sponging for manga would feel if they were providing a service as a way to make a living and the people benefiting from that service refused to pay for it...

Anyway. We went to Disneyland the last couple of days, and I was pretty sure some stuff happened that was worth reporting. Let's see...there were Cruella de Vil brownies that were basically regular chocolate chip brownies covered in dollops of either A) black chocolate ganache that was heavily food colored, or B) white vanilla(?) ganache that had cream cheese in it. Neither of these options was the best ever, but the brownies themselves were Ghirardelli, so they were pretty good.

Of course! The Royal Theatre! They had a new Sir Samuel who was definitely an overachiever, but was also a good pianist. Now if only he could figure out the rhythm of the story, it would be perfect. But the really funny thing about the particular performance we saw...

Okay, when the show starts, there's an announcer who introduces Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, and while he's talking, first the curtain rises, then the curtains behind that part to reveal another curtain, which, as soon as the announcer said, "Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones!" drops from the ceiling to reveal the star players. But this time! aaahh ha ha ha! The last curtain got stuck on a hook right in the center! So now there's just this giant piece of fabric hanging from a hook in the center of the stage, and Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones have to dance around it. They took it really well, though. They acted like nothing was wrong, moved their choreography a little upstage, and while they sang the opening song, the stagehands closed the middle curtains and resolved the issue. It was pretty funny, but I'm glad it doesn't happen every time.

Also worth noting is that apparently the entire west side of the park had a brief shutdown due to technical difficulties. We walked toward Pirates of the Caribbean and saw it was closed, so we took a left and went through Adventureland, where we noticed Indiana Jones was down, and kept going to discovered even the Jungle Cruise wasn't working. We asked some skippers about it, and they told us that even Splash Mountain was having trouble. All at the same time. So then our Space Mountain fastpasses were active anyway, and we headed over to Tomorrowland...where Space Mountain was down, too. So we took a bathroom break, and by the time that was over, Space Mountain was working again. Glad it didn't take long to resolve, but it is curious.

As usual, Gaston wanted to get some dinner and beignets at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, so while he got in line for the express, we kept going to where we recently discovered there's a foodtruck that serves crepes. We also knew they had a special Halloween "Crepe-y Crawly Crepe," and we wanted to try it. It had chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, and sour gummy worms in it. What we did not take into consideration about crepes is that they do tend to be pretty hot when the ingredients are folded in...hot enough, in fact, to melt gummy worms. That turned into a pretty interesting experience. The sourness from the gummy worms kind of permeated the rest of the crepe, so it was basically all we could taste. Somebody else might have liked it better, though, with the sour balancing the sweet. (For us, sourness is extra overpowering.)

When we finished eating, Gaston kind of craned his neck to see if his favorite jazz pianist was in the fancier part of the Jazz Kitchen restaurant, and when we confirmed that he was, we went in to listen. Athena and I felt a little awkward about this because we weren't sitting down to order food, but we figured if there was any trouble it wouldn't be too hard to blame it on Gaston (since it was his fault). And the music was pretty fantastic as usual. The musician's name is Kirk Andre Wilson, and he's got some music on the various places you can download music, and on Pandora and etc., so I definitely recommend looking him up and giving him a listen.

When he finished playing, Gaston went up to say hi, as he has done before, and we got to talk about Kirk's trip to the Grand Canyon and Utah, and about how Halloween in New Orleans is the real deal, which is why they both avoid Halloween in New Orleans. When Gaston revealed that we're translators, Kirk asked if we could translate his CD, and we balked at the time, but now that I think about it, if it's just song titles, we might be able to pull it off and have it sound okay, even if it's not in our native language.

That was all on Tuesday. Yesterday we went back for a couple of hours soon after the park opened, which is when we went on a bunch of rides. I think the only thing I really have to say about that is that pineapple juice is almost as magical as lemonade, because we had not had enough sleep and we didn't have breakfast until we left the park, but that pineapple juice really helped me feel like I wasn't dying anymore.

Oh, now I remember! Star Tours! We were excited to find out we might get to just walk on to the ride, but then the Starspeeder they were going to put us on broke down, so they lined us up for another one and we had to wait a little longer (normally not a problem at all, but we were extra tired (it was before the pineapple juice)). But then we went on it, and we realized that they didn't have Kylo Ren and they didn't send us to any of the places in the new trilogy, so it looks like they put the timeline back in order. And that was very nice.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done, having time to play Kingdom Hearts, getting to talk to musician friends (of course we also said hi to Farley!), getting to try the Halloween food offerings we wanted to try before they went away, and not getting in trouble at the Jazz Kitchen.
2nd-Nov-2018 08:07 am (UTC)
I'm sorry about the pirates, they are so awful. As if the usual approach wasn't bad enough... :(

Oh! Crepe-y Crawly Crepes, so clever! Melted sour gummi worms would be a new experience, for sure. Also, hooray for life-saving pineapple juice!! Maybe you guys are hummingbirds, thriving on nectar?
3rd-Nov-2018 07:22 am (UTC)
I know, right? I mean, we always knew that sometimes they would just illegally distribute the official version, and frankly I'm not surprised, but dang. I think the worst part is before, if someone shared just a bit from our translation, we could be pretty sure they were reading it legally. Now there's no way of knowing. Unless the guy distributing it only shared the official version this time because he didn't have time to do his own version.

It is clever! We've actually had a very similar dish, only not melted and really liked it, so I still think it's a good idea, just not for us. (And Gaston will never try it, because the melted gummy worms grossed him out too much. I was like, "What? It's still the same thing, just in a different state of matter.")

The nectar theory may be an accurate one! We have known for a long time that if we had a long day on our feet without stopping to eat, the only way to cure the resulting illness was with some good lemonade.
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