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Waiting for Spring volume 8

We're back from Disneyland, and we even had time to finish our weekly simulpub and play Kingdom Hearts! But we're also super drained because we didn't get nearly enough sleep last night, which is why didn't also try to get more work done on this week's simulcast. We have all day tomorrow, so we think we can handle it.

In the meantime, it's Review Rednesday! And this week we're reviewing Waiting for Spring 8! Spoilers ahead!

Once again we are writing a review after several days of jamming our brains with things other than the book we're supposed to be reviewing. What am I even reviewing right now? Waiting for Spring? Volume...eight? What even happened?

...Not much, actually. Most of the shoujo manga we're translating for Kodansha is moving at a very laid-back pace, but that's okay, because the point is to enjoy the journey. Basically it was the boys talking about Towa and Mitsuki's relationship, the girls talking about Towa and Mitsuki's relationship, and then Mitsuki goes to Towa's house. That's pretty much the whole story. Then Aya shows up at the end to say, "Hey, I don't want any of y'all forgetting that I am a very viable contender for Mitsuki's heart." That's the main thing I remember right now, is the bonus manga at the end where Rui is whining about how Aya got to steal the show at the end again, and then Aya graffitied all over his book.

The other thing we remember is how annoyed we were that Aya had to one-up Towa by telling Mitsuki "aishiteru" instead of "suki," because we already translated Towa's confession as love, and now how are we supposed to make Aya's better. We meant to mention it to our editor when we emailed the translation in, to say that maybe we should go back to volume seven and change Towa's to "I like you," because that's still a valid way of telling someone you want to be in a relationship with them, for crying out loud, people, here in the committophobic United States, you don't tell someone you love them until you've been in a serious relationship for a long time. I guess we just got caught up in all the shoujo romance fluff that we forgot about that little aspect of dating. Well, what's done is done, and the fact is we forgot to mention it in our email to our editor, but we did have a note to the editor in the script on a flashback to Towa's love confession saying we might need to change it to "I like you." But we didn't explain why because we figured we'd just do that in the email, and then we forgoooottttt! Arrrrrgh! Our schedule has just been too hectic.

[ETA: I don't remember how all it went down, but our editor did get emailed about Towa's love confession in time to change it, but y'all would have read that in a previous volume so you'd already know that.]

Aaaaanyway. What happened again? The guys all talk about why they like Mitsuki, and it is now confirmed that Ryuji is not interested in anyone but Nanase. Kyosuke still seems a liiiittle bit interested in Mitsuki, but he says it's more that he thinks of her as a sister. But the under-the-slip-cover manga makes things a little bit more suspicious. You'll have to check that out for yourself to find out more! Unless those comics didn't make it into the English release, in which case tell me so I can tell the editor, and also so I can tell you what happened in this one. Hopefully she's already just making sure they're in there. We did have some trouble translating Towa's speech about why he likes her, because we're really not sure if we knew what he meant. What we think he meant is how we translated it, so let's not make me relive that complicatedness.

More amusing, as expected, was Mitsuki's discussion with Reina about the whole matter. The best was how Reina was like, "I'm not sure I can protect you from the mob. If anything, I'd probably join them." Oh, Reina, you're such a good friend. I like that she and Mitsuki can be honest about it all, and that Reina can say that she'll do what she can to support Mitsuki, but at the same time, she admits that she's not thrilled about the idea, while meanwhile, Mitsuki understands that and doesn't get upset that Reina isn't supporting her wholeheartedly. And then Reina is relieved to find out that Mitsuki has someone else she can go to for support, because Reina wants to be a good friend, but she knows her limits. And then when Maki waves to her... Aaaahh...

Oh! And her reaction when she finds out that Mitsuki is uncertain because of Aya! Oh I wish we could have translated that better. Really, the best sentiment, we felt, would have been, "You lucky son of a..." But Mitsuki identifies as a girl, so it just didn't seem like we could get away with it. Not to mention that it doesn't quite work if it trails off, and I wasn't sure we want to add the swear word. Now you could say that we could have just used the swear word without the "son of a" part, but just say it in your head and ask yourself which one is better. If you still think it doesn't need a "son of a," then we'll just have to agree to disagree. Anyway, the main feeling behind what Reina said is that Mitsuki's problem is one that many people only wish they had...and now that I think of it, "I wish I had your problems"...still wouldn't have worked, because Reina isn't interested in the guys romantically, and also it just doesn't sound as indignant.

But the important thing is that Mitsuki went to Towa's house, where we learn he has a cat! I mean...we learn that he's an orphan, the poor guy. I'm just so astounded by the emotional maturity of characters in Dessert manga. Mitsuki is so sorry to have asked about Towa's parents, but he's like, "It's okay. I've already gone through the necessary emotional processing." I guess back when we first started getting into manga, it was all about the angst and how can we give the characters as painful a background as possible. So when you see things like this it's like, "Oh. Well, I'm glad you've adjusted." And I also appreciate that they didn't just brush it off, but they pointed out that it was hard for him.

I think the only other important things before Aya showed up are that we met Rentaro, who's a little punk, and we find out that Towa loves Mitsuki SO much that he's not sure he can wait to date her until after he leaves the basketball team. It's so cute. Towa and Mitsuki are so cute together.

But! I really like Aya, too! So I have a really hard time picking sides on this one. I'm just on Mitsuki's side. It was so cute, too, how Aya was telling Rino, "I'm just practicing nonstop because otherwise I think I might smother Mitsuki with my presence." That reminds me, there are too important lessons from this volume of manga! First, Rui and Kyosuke talk about how one of the things they like about Mitsuki is that she doesn't ask for much, and they say when that happens, you tend to want to help them out even more. We know two sisters with a bit of a rivalry, and one of them is always going out of her way to make sure she's not troubling anyone else, and the other one is very opportunistic and will not hesitate to squeeze everything out of any chance to get things out of people that she can. I think you can guess which one people are happier to help.

Then there's Aya's lesson, which isn't really proven so much as set forth as a theory, that maybe if you bug people too much, they might not enjoy the attention. That's actually one that worries me, because I worry about whether or not I'm acting clingy (not so much recently, since our main strategy is to keep to ourselves, but in the case of wanting to maybe build an acquaintanceship into a friendship...). So I don't know if that's a good lesson after all, but I think the important thing is to be alert and aware of the other person, and Aya knows that Mitsuki has mixed feelings about him at best, so it's probably smart of him not to make her think about him all the time, because in his case it's almost certain to make her dislike him. But then! oh, man, the end of that last chapter. She was telling Aya how happy she was to feel needed, and we already knew where it was going. It was like, "Come on, girl, what has he been telling you all this time?"

So now Mitsuki will be forced to confront all of her feelings! But fortunately, she already has plans to talk things over with Nanase, so hopefully she'll be able to work things out without too much trouble. What will happen next!? Stay tuned to find out!

You guys, this series is so adorable. And oh my goodness, we actually have three translations coming out this week! And they're all really good! Hatsu*Haru 3, Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 8, and My Monster Secret 13! Things are starting to pile up again! I wonder if I should go back to two reviews a week for a little while...

Anyway, tune in next week for our review of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight 7!

Today I'm thankful for the magic of pineapple juice, finishing our work, surviving Disneyland (I think I do have some things to say about that, if I can remember them by tomorrow), the very strong possibility that we will get significantly more sleep tonight than last night, and our immediate plans to have some mug cake.
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