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Whatcha gotta do

We decided to be responsible today and do our job. And then we finished a little sooner than planned, so we were responsible and we did a little more of our job. And then we did our exercise and our Book of Mormon reading, and all we had left was dinner before it was time to play Kingdom Hearts! ...And then I got a text message reminding me that the missionary conference I agreed to play the piano for was tonight (not yesterday, like I originally thought). So I went, and I played the piano, and it was fun, but we didn't have time for Kingdom Hearts.

So we stayed up late and played Kingdom Hearts anyway. The end.

Today I'm thankful for getting more work done than planned, getting our other responsible things done, getting to play the piano for the missionary conference (and find out that the mission president grew up a couple blocks away from my grandparents' house; it is a small world after all), getting to play Kingdom Hearts, and Page being super cute and following us everywhere.
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