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Typical Saturday

Today was just another typical Saturday. And these days, that means Sailor Moon Musicals! We watched Eien Densetsu for the first time in ages. Our high school friend who bought all the musicals didn't like it that much, so we didn't watch it that much. We never realized how few times we'd seen it in comparison to the SuperS Revised and the Stars musical until we watched it tonight and were like, "Wow, I remember almost none of that." At first, I wasn't even sure if we were watching the same version, that's how little I remembered. But I'm pretty sure we were (Eien Densetsu has two revised versions, and we thought the one we'd seen before was unrevised, but...), because overall it had the same vibe, I think. It also felt kind of incomplete...but then again, so did both versions of the Stars musical. Ah well.

Back then, we never understood why our friend disliked Eien Densetsu so much. We think we liked it for the gimmick of having Galaxia and Queen Beryl together. And back then, we didn't understand nearly as much of what was going on, so a gimmick's just as good a reason as anything to like something. Now we understand a lot more of it, and it's fun, but I think our friend was right and SuperS and Stars are better. But we'll see how we feel about the revised versions.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Eien Densetsu again, the reminder that Ryuji Kasahara always has been and always will be Chaos, Page sitting with me for the whole musical, getting to watch another episode of Ace Attorney anime, and flavored lip balm.
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