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A break from the break

Today was another work day, even though we haven't heard from any of our editors. Why? Because we're working on an anime! Tadah! I mentioned that before, so it's not really anything new, but I don't know; I just felt like saying tadah. And this week's episode of Gakuen Basara was really funny. We're really getting a kick out of this series, even without being all that familiar with the original series. We do check the Funimation dub to make sure things are consistent, but I feel like they took it so seriously. I mean, yeah, it's about some pretty dramatic stuff during the Warring States Period, but Date Masamune's horse has motorcycle handles instead of reins. And all of the characters are clearly a little extra quirky. Gakuen Basara just takes the extra quirkiness and ramps it up even more, so it's fun.

We also went to the temple today! I don't have a whole lot to say about that, except that the temple, as usual, is a nice place to be. And the Newport Beach temple is really pretty.

After the session, our friends who drove us there took us to a local Italian restaurant where we had pizza with the fluffiest crust I've ever seen. It was pretty good, but the sauce maybe had too many herbs for our liking. Other people like really herby sauce, though, so I think most people would probably like it.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that episode of Gakuen Basara, a lovely evening at the temple, Page not insisting on sitting on the laptop until we were mostly done with work, the nice Italian restaurant we went to (it was kind of like a fami-res, but not a chain), and getting to take tomorrow off.
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