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Seven Deadly Sins

Wow, you guys, we just watched the end of the second season of Seven Deadly Sins, and it's sooooo good, and Yuki Kaji is amazing. Oh, but second acts are hard, because things are getting even more serious, but they have to end it somewhere, and it's hardly satisfying. There were several story elements that we felt were not tied up at all, but that's because there's still a bunch more of it, obviously.

But there were other things, like about a billion characters they introduced in the tournament arc that seemed important but basically only flashed across the screen a couple of times. We're guessing we get more information on them in the manga. (Gilfrost especially was driving us nuts (Where did you come from, man!? And why isn't your voice actor listed in the credits!? (Never mind, we know who it is, but what does it mean!?)), and then they finally gave us about two seconds of explanation in a "Surprise!" "What the--!?" sort of way (it at least explained the voice actor situation), and then they moved on because SO MUCH happens in this series.) That's the problem with a series like this. There's a lot of really cool fight scenes, so it kind of works better animated (especially with such a great voice cast♥), but if you want all the information you have to get the manga, and the manga doesn't move or have any of the shiny voices. Still, I think the only major hurdle to reading the manga for more background is that there's about a billion volumes of it and we just started discussing with Cecille the possibility of going back to Japan next year. We're just going to have to keep better track of our finances, I think.

The other thing about watching this new season is that it reminded me how great the music is. This is significant because we wanted to get more Fairy Tail CDs to listen to while we work on Edens Zero, but Avex took over the Fairy Tail music game, so even though there were like a thousand CDs we could have bought when we first ordered one, way back when we translated volume 32 of Fairy Tail, now the selection is much more limited, and worst of all, they don't ship it outside Japan. Boo.

So now we're thinking maybe we can get Seven Deadly Sins CDs instead, and as soon as I'm done posting this, we'll go to CD Japan to see if those aren't Avex, too.

Oh! And the other good thing about today is that we finally started catching up on reviews! We wrote three, so now we only have three left! Yay! And one of the reviews was for Noragami, so it was kind of tough, because we were in the middle of some very intense stuff in Seven Deadly Sins, but we tore ourselves away from it because really it just worked better timing-wise, and then we got pretty immersed in Noragami, and we had to tear ourselves away from that to...actually to write our Hatsu*Haru review, because again, that's what worked best timing-wise. And I think all the tearing away may have had a detrimental effect on the Hatsu*Haru review, because while that series is adorable and I do in fact adore it, the volume we were reviewing was nowhere near as dramatic as...okay, it was pretty dramatic, but more in a teenage drama sort of way, so it was a little bit harder to take seriously. I think the review is still okay, but it's short-ish because I couldn't think of much to say. All I can say is I'm sorry.

Today I'm thankful for having enough room in our schedule to take two days off to watch all the new Seven Deadly Sins episodes, getting some reviews written, getting to have some chocolate chip pancakes, the title of the latest opening song to Seven Deadly Sins ("Ame ga Furu Kara Niji ga Deru"), and finally getting to see the seventh Deadly Sin.
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