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Today we got an e-mail from Steve in Japanese romaji telling us that our little sister was in a car accident last night. From the e-mail we gathered that the car was totalled and that Sarah and her friend were "kenka shitenai." And we thought, "Well, we're glad they're not fighting, but are they okay?"

So we called Mom and asked if Sarah was okay, and she was miraculously unharmed, for which we're grateful. It's kind of interesting though; I know Celeste wasn't too happy that Sarah got her own car, and Mom had speculated that Aurora wouldn't be too thrilled, either, so I wonder if it's living vengeful spirits. Or karma, but I don't know what Sarah might have done to deserve it. It sounded like a really scary accident. And maybe I've been reading too much manga.

Anyway, it was kind of scary to make the phonecall, because we had already been planning to call (before we got the email) to ask for a ride to the post office and to ask Mom to buy us catfood. And that just doesn't seem right--"Hi, we hope Sarah's okay, and by the way can you buy us some catfood?" But the fact remained that we needed catfood. So I apologized to bring it up at such a stressful time and then I brought it up.

And then Athena came up with the brilliant idea of offering peanut butter squares, and everything went very well from there. Except that the post office was closed, so we'll have to wait until Monday to get that package. Sometimes I really wish the postman would just deliver packages to our door. Oh well.

Oh! The Devil Bats have a song now! Or maybe they had one at the same time the White Knights had one, but now we've heard it. I'm sad that Hiruma doesn't sing in it, but it's enough to hear Sena. And Irino-kun sounded so excited to be singing it♥

And Megumi Hayashibara was in Ueki no Housoku this week. That was kind of surprising, since I hear she's semi-retired. Although semi is not completely. And thinking about it, Ueki does have kind of an allstar cast.

Today I'm thankful that Sarah wasn't badly hurt, and for UPS guys that deliver packages to our door, the Devil Bats' song, catchy songs to get in my head when songs I don't like are there, and kitties keeping watch. And in case anyone was wondering, what Steve meant to say was probably, "kega shitenai"--they're not hurt.
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