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We did it again!

We finished our list again! Our next official deadline isn't until November 5th. It's almost enough to make me wonder if it's a trap. I mean, our editors should be recovered from NYCC by next week, so maybe we'll add more things to our schedule then, but in the meantime, we are totally planning to binge watch the new(ly available) season of Seven Deadly Sins on Monday. I'm really digging this timing.

Of course, we can't slack off forever, even if we don't hear anything from our editors for a little while yet. Why? Because we still have Sailor Moon to work on! And we definitely need to stop slacking off on it. But we think it's probably a better idea, considering how tired we've been this week, to still take a break next week. And get back to exercising! Ooh, if we can be in shape, that would probably help a lot with the tiredness.

In other exciting news, there's a thunderstorm going on right now! I think that means we should probably shut down the computer pretty soon.

Today I'm thankful for meeting today's deadline, not (currently) having another deadline for a while, having enough time to watch an episode of Dragon Pilots, having plans to go to the temple next week, and Joe's having Monster Mash today. And of course, getting to sleep in tomorrow,
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