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My Monster Secret volume 12

We're back from gallivanting around Disneyland (I make it sound so energetic; it wasn't, because we are tired)! It was pretty much the same old stuff, but we did get to hear an interesting story from Farley. He was doing his usual thing when somebody walked by wearing a birthday button, so Farley immediately did what he always does and started singing happy birthday. When he gets to the part where they sing the name, he always pauses to read the birthday button, and this time the birthday boy was named Matt. After reading the name, he looked back up at the guy's face and realized, "You're Matt Meese!", one of the stars of the hit comedy sketch show, Studio C (you may have seen us talk about it here). So Farley told us to keep an eye out, because he was still at the park, but we didn't cross paths. Oh well.

Anyway, we missed Review Rednesday last night because we were too tired to deal with anything! But, in our usual timely fashion, we're reviewing My Monster Secret the same week we're translating a later volume! So without further ado, here is our review of My Monster Secret 12! Spoilers ahead!

This review is being written at a time when our schedule is a kaboom, and I have a hard enough time focusing on the present, so the past will be tricky, but I think I can do it. Maybe. My Monster Secret 12, eh...? What happened, what happened... I remember it was a really good volume. There was a...dodgeball! Of course! Oh my goodness, this was the best. Their entire third-year class against Akari is, well, it's funny I guess, and it is funnier now that Akane has provoked her, but the more important thing is the very crucial bit of information that almost got entirely missed by the whole class. Sakurada, and his, "I was thinking if we win this, I could confess my love to her." We read it and were like, "Awww, someone finally loves Akari!" but apparently everybody else just didn't even notice it. But then they did, and ahh, the big reactions. It was awesome. And it's even better that now every time Akari does something with Sakurada, or even mentions his name, Akane just kind of freezes solid. It was a bummer that they couldn't beat her, but there's still like ten volumes left in the series, so we knew it was too good to be true.

Then there was another adorable, in a rather not adorable sort of way, chapter, with Mikan and Okada (and Shimada getting arrested; they've done it a thousand times in this series, but it still manages to be funny, probably because they don't treat it as a big deal anymore; it's just something happening in the background). I was so proud of Okada for asking Mikan out! And so sad that she didn't seem to register why he would be doing that. Poor guy. I'm sure she'll figure it out eventually.

Next, Asahi and Youko go on their first official date. More awwwwwww. Of course Touko and Akane had to make a production of it, but that was pretty well-done, too. Having Ryokuenzaka-sensei as the special guest was too brilliant. It's so funny that Genjirou still somehow believes that Touko still somehow believes that he is not masquerading as an assistant high school teacher. Karen again proves herself to be the best, with the cue cards. She tries so hard to be helpful to everyone. But this chapter also hints at a potentially dire situation that may occur in the future, when he says that soon Youko will be eighteen and what if that thing happens? "That thing"? (We actually didn't word it that way in the manga, but maybe the adaptation writer did? I think that would be a terrible idea, because it may be a comedy, but it's not that self-aware.) What thing? The thing nobody's going to follow up on in any way, that's what thing! Oooohhh, that thing. Our theory is that he's worried she'll suddenly grow into a giant like he did, but we won't know until later, I guess. There was another hint in the next chapter, where it seemed to indicate that Youko was awakening to a thirst for blood, but they already said bloodsucking was like kissing, so that might be a red herring. But on the other hand, it's possible that Youko's parents just told her that so as not to scare her. I'm sure all will be revealed in due time.

The lunch chapter was pretty cute. "Wow, I just happened to find these lunches here!" If Asahi were as oblivious as Youko seemed to be hoping, I think he should have shown some concern for whoever must have forgotten their lunch, but he's not that oblivious, so we'll never know. But there's not a whole lot else to say about that chapter except, as usual, awwwwww!

We also have Shiho deciding that she needs to train to increase her shy girl powers. We translated them as "timfo," a combination of "timid femme," but that seems like the kind of thing that adaptation writers would like to change, since they seem to like to come up with fun names for things, or else it's exactly the type of thing they wouldn't touch because if the translator came up with a working English wordplay, why should they have to bother about it? (This commentary brought to you by a bitter translator who really has very little idea what process English adaptation writers use.) The point is, we don't know how it's going to end up, but Shiho needs to be timid now. So she uses one of Karen's feathers of lust to make herself really fall in love with Asahi, and hilarity ensues. I'm not going to spoil it; just read it.

There are more filler chapters with Nagisa giving an interview about Earth life for a TV show from her home planet, and with Genjirou (in his Yumi guise) advising Shimada about girls. Oh, Shimada.

But more importantly, we see more of a character who was briefly shown at the beginning of the school year, Yuka Momochi (yes, I'm westernizing the names; I just feel like it, okay?). Athena saw her and, commenting on the fact that so far everybody except for Asahi's friends has a color in their name, said, "I bet her name has 'pink' in it." And sure enough, momo is a kind of pink. And she's a ninja, which is hilarious because when she says, "Actually, I'm a ninja," following the series formula for revealing secrets, everyone is like, "Yeah, I know." But she appears to have deeper secrets, as noticed by Asahi. He pointed out (to the readers) that she dresses like Rin, and openly carries a weapon like she does. She herself accidentally says, "But in my time..." And how does she know Nagisa's name?

Rin came from the future to fight nympho powers, and Yuka seems to have some connection to timfo powers. She's got that "shy girl in love" thing down, and she has radar for finding other shy girls in love. She's also pretty funny with the way she crushes on people. But that's about all we know about her for now. Oh, that, and she's friends with Asahi's little sister, who apparently is also in love with Okada. He's pretty popular with the younger girls, it would seem. Anyway, I feel like she's going to have some important information to tell everyone later, but only time will tell!

In summary, it was another fun volume of My Monster Secret. The end.

Wow, that feels like soooo faarrr behind what's going on in the story we're working on now. A lot can happen in five volumes. But this is where the story is really starting to heat up!

This week's new releases include...nothing! Our list had two Seven Seas books scheduled to come out this week, but since Anime News Network didn't list them on this week's releases, we figured we ought to check, and it looks like both of those releases have been pushed back, a situation that makes us wonder what the heck we're working on this other volume for them for. But that's life. We do have two weekly things going on, though--Edens Zero and Gakuen Basara! So you can check those out. And I think the latest chapter of UQ Holder! went live a few days ago...

Anyway, tune in next week for our review of Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun 7! Awww, I like that series!

Today I'm thankful for getting to hang out with friends at Disneyland, getting to go on Ghost Galaxy for the first time this season, finally getting ourselves decently fed today, getting to read some cool stuff in the Book of Mormon, and finishing this week's episode of Gakuen Basara without too much trouble.
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