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Conference weekend

The first day of General Conference, and having three sessions wasn't so bad after all. I kind of got the feeling Elder Uchtdorf had us pegged when he brought up "vanity, all is vanity," and pointed out that there's an antidote to that. (He also talked about a German word that I don't know how to spell, which he defined as a general unhappiness with the fact that the world is inferior to what you wish it was. ...Yeah, that's us, too.) He said the antidote is to believe in Jesus, love as He loves, and do as He did. There was a mild emphasis on getting over yourself. So that's one of our new goals going forward.

President Nelson gave us several more at the General Women's Session, including another social media fast. So we're going to do that again, but again we're going to say that LiveJournal doesn't really count as social media in our case, and it's still a good place to document things. Most of all, we haven't finished writing our report of Disneyland with Little Sister No.2.

Other than that, today was pretty busy. We had to go grocery shopping, and we had some chores to do. Oh, but we got the mail and found that our Hedwig pins are already here. I guess they were finished after they sent out the first set of crates, but before they sent out the last set. Since we hadn't gotten the mail all week, it's possible the pins arrived on the same day as the crates, or even earlier. But we were busy, so we still don't know what they look like.

Today I'm thankful for more lovely sessions of General Conference, managing to get our chores done, making it to and from the grocery store between sessions, the milk chocolate cookies we tried today, and having a little bit of time to read Harry Potter.
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