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A precious day off

We took the day off today, and it was wonderful. We did set our alarm, but for half an hour later than usual, and we had a classical music CD that we just let play while we slowly regained consciousness. We got to chat online about things that interest us, we watched some anime.

And we spent a good amount of time reading Harry Potter. I think the reason this is our go-to activity lately is that we don't have to think too hard about anything else we want to do, since we're already in the middle of it, and while it does provide enough stimulation to keep our brains engaged, it's in English, so it doesn't take quite as much brain power as reading manga. On the other hand, we do have a volume of Skip Beat! waiting for us to read it...but we only have one copy, so the other one of us has to figure out which manga to read in the meantime, and that's more thinking. And all of our overworking has us pretty keen on doing whatever doesn't take extra thinking.

And pretty much we just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. We also ordered a pizza, because we didn't want to go to the grocery store. And it was delicious.

Tomorrow is the first day of General Conference, so we're excited, but also a little worried because it will be the first time they have the women's session on the same weekend as the regular sessions, and we're already very tired. But it should all be good stuff!

Today I'm thankful for getting to take the day off, the delicious pizza we had for dinner, not having to do any work today (technically that should be included in "take the day off," but I feel like they are two separate things), Page finding another cute spot to spend several hours in, and lys telling us about a "magic" mirror that speaks in the voice of our beloved favorite voice actor.
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