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Hatsu*Haru volume 2

And then Gaston called and said he decided to be a responsible grownup and not come to Disneyland after all. Our life, it is a roller coaster. Turns out it was for the best, though, because there are some consistency things we have to look up for this anime we're translating this season, and it's taking for to the ever. (<--I don't know; I'm tired.) Nevertheless, we opted to watch a Sailor Moon Musical instead of trying to finish it tonight, and I think we're much happier for it. Ah, the original Sailor Stars musical, how nostalgic...

But anyway, it's Review Rednesday! And even though I totally forgot what we were supposed to be reviewing today, we didn't want to miss it, because it's Hatsu*Haru 2! Yay! Spoilers ahead!

This series always feels kind of like a fleeting dream. It goes by so quickly, and when we're surrounded by so many other things to occupy our minds, that when it comes time to remember it, it's almost like it never happened. And it doesn't help that we translated the thing about a million years ago. (I don't remember how long ago it actually was. Maybe a week and a half?)

Anyway, it continues to be adorable. I don't really remember the first chapter, except that Whatsisname...oh yeah, Kai...tried to kiss Riko, and as expected, it didn't go over so well. I'm kind of with his friends on this one: seriously, who goes right for the kiss? Especially with a girl that already has a violent track record with him. Very bad idea, Kai. Use your brain. And because Kai is so stupid about the whole thing, his friends resolve to help him! Kai's friends are the best; I love them. And Tora orchestrates a group date at an amusement park by skillfully manipulating Riko's lovelorn friend. Maybe it's because we've been translating so much Kodansha, and for Kodansha Disneyland is THE amusement park to parody, but we were a little surprised to see that this theme park actually didn't resemble Disneyland in any way. Athena thinks they went on coffee cups, but they have that at all the Japanese theme parks. In fact, I think even Knott's Berry Farm here in California has a similar ride that's sombreros.

The best part was the haunted house. I really like how Fujisawa-sensei demonstrated how each of the different teams handled it. What was her name, Ayumi? She was the best. "I wonder if the guys playing the ghosts do it all day, or if they take it in shifts." I think our reaction would have been somewhere between Kagura's and Tora's, commenting on the concept and construction, but maybe also a little scared. There's a reason we haven't gone through the Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios...and it's that that particular scary attraction seems like it will be high on the gore factor. But I think the haunted house in Hatsu*Haru was gorier than the one at Disneyland, so. It also depends on presentation, though. But anyway, Miki and Kiyo were pretty cute. She's still shorter than we are (but not by much).

Of course nobody was surprised that Kai was scared out of his mind, right? Takaya gave it away, the way he was acting. I wonder what made him decide to go through with it anyway. He didn't even put up much of a fight. That's probably the reason, actually. Fighting it would have been too much effort, and he didn't care that much. Or maybe he thought it would help Kai in the long run. But more importantly, this is where Ayumi starts asking questions, and pointing out how strange it is that the best friend of the most popular boy in school has never been on a date. Her theory is that he has a crush. Our theory is that the crush is Kai. I also have a theory that the crush might be Riko, only because, after he asked Kai who lived at the strange apartment he had to deliver medicine to, Kai never answered, but Takaya knew later anyway. But he might have just looked it up somewhere else. So we'll see how that plays out.

In the meantime, we learn that Riko's beloved Suwa-sensei has a girlfriend. That was pretty funny, too. "I'm so upset, I'm hallucinating!" Pretty convenient coincidence that Suwa-sensei happened to be at the amusement park on the same day as Riko. It is nice that Riko doesn't want to break up the happy couple. I do wonder about Akemi, though. She just seems...not nice, somehow. But maybe that's just because we didn't get to see her for very long.

Anyway, the results of the theme park plot were that Miki now has a potential girlfriend, and everybody else is pretty much in the same circumstances. Except! that Riko is no longer ignoring Kai after the ridiculous kissing incident.

Later, Kai and friends are studying at Kai's house when Suwa-sensei and Riko show up for a parent-teacher conference. I think it's nice that teachers do that in Japan, but it's just another reason I would hate to be a teacher. But this was the best part, because Suwa let it slip that Kai had a crush, right there in front of Riko! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!! Kai's friends care about him enough to realize it was a painful experience, but not enough to stick around for moral support. I, on the other hand, am a sadist. It was the best. And Riko, all trying to be encouraging. This is where it got painful for me, because he came close to just telling her TWICE!, but got interrupted both times. Arrrrgh, I wanted him to say it!

There's also a dinner with Kai's family, so we go into all the family situations and how everybody feels about it, with Riko being all sad because she's alone all the time and all that stuff. It's not that I don't feel for Riko, but it just seemed pretty standard, and wasn't really presented in an emotional way, so. The more important thing is that since Kai's niece was rude enough to interrupt one of Kai's attempts to say something, at least she got him to make apple bunnies, which turned into an important clue in helping Riko figure out what was what. And by the end of it, it seemed like she knew who Kai's crush was. Gasp! But it was the end of the volume, so we don't get to find out how she reacted.

But let's talk a little bit about Riko. I think the saddest thing about her is that when Kai kept doing standard shoujo manga hero stuff to her, she kept saying things like how he should do that stuff to a girl he might actually like one day, and she kept saying it in a way that made it sound like she was convinced that she is unlovable. That kind of thing makes me very sad. So hopefully now that she's putting the clues together, she'll start to have a little more faith in herself, and not think, "No, I'm overthinking it. No one would ever fall in love with me." As for whether or not I want her to like Kai back... Well, he does seem to be improving as a person, so I'd be okay with it.

I think that about covers it for the story, but we will talk about the chimi characters! (Did I say in our review of volume one that we would be totally happy to be Fujisawa-sensei's weird American friends who hang out and buy gacha toys with her?) Mostly because 1)the Hatsu*Haru ones are super adorable, and 2)Yu-pon-sensei has designed Noragami chimis. We just wanted to point that out. I think there was some chimi Noragami merchandise in Japan one of the times we went recently, but we didn't buy any. Oh well.

You guys, this series is so adorable. And we just got our comp copies of volume three today! Woohoo!

As for this week's releases, we have...nothing! Looks like we hit another dry spell. Well, it happens. But tune in next week, for our review of My Monster Secret 12!

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the Sailor Stars musical again, managing to make some progress on this anime, having extra time from not going to Disneyland, Page being super snuggly today, and someone catching a mistake in Noragami in time to fix it. Just more proof that we need a vacation.
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