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We did it! We finished our Month of Madness!!! This month, we had a trip to Fresno, three trips to Disneyland, approximately six books worth of manga and an episode of anime to translate, and we recorded a podcast. And we cleaned our patio, and we went to a ward fundraiser. Oh my goodness, September was a busy month.

It's October now, and we finished everything, and our schedule is mostly clear! We're sure that will change as soon as our editors recover from New York Comic Con, so we're taking advantage now and taking the rest of the week off!! ...Except for a simulpub chapter and an episode of anime...and probably the anime's theme songs. But it's still a lot less work than we've been doing!

It's been so bad, we're at the point where this time off feels more like sick days than vacation days, because we've just been so darn worn out. I'm pretty sure part of the reason we've been so crunched is that the fatigue has us working slower. The last couple of UQ Holder! chapters have been much much harder than usual, and I can't help but think it's not only because of the content. So we're really hoping that we can use this time off to recharge. Then, if we can continue to not be working all day every day, I think we might be in much better shape.

And the goodness has already started, because we finally got our shipping confirmations for our Wizarding World crates! Woohoo! Now we can finally get our Hogwarts back-to-school supplies!

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work today, finally getting to take some time off and not because we need to attend to other matters, Mom pointing out that it's probably the time of year that the chocolate cookies go on sale at Costco, finally getting our Wizarding World shipping confirmations, and it being bedtime soon.
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