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We were relieved to find that there was no notice in our door last night, so we think now that the cat house is gone, things might be a little less scary. On the other hand, we slept in this morning, which means the catfood was still right outside our door when regular office hours began. Still, I think the fact that the cats have been neutered (and the maintenance team knows it) should count for something. Nevertheless, we did freak out a little when someone knocked on our door this afternoon. Fortunately, it was just someone canvassing the neighborhood to see if people were voting for Measure L.

All the stress and fatigue have gotten us to the point of not caring about food anymore, so for lunch all we had was one thing of string cheese and a glass of Nesquik each. For a snack, all we had was juice. But we were plenty interested in dinner by the time that rolled around, so I don't think we're too bad off yet.

And best of all! we allllmost finished the translation that's due on Monday (based on how things went yesterday, we had to brace ourselves for the possibility that we would make very little progress). Once we finish that, we'll have a chapter of UQ Holder, a chapter of Edens Zero, and an episode of anime, but that's it for the rest of the week! Then we have one more book of manga due the next week, but after that our schedule is so empty (except for the fact that we should finish that volume of Sailor Moon we started weeks ago). We know this is a state of affairs that won't last, but we're pretty sure we won't hear much from our editors until after NYCC, so we're going to take full advantage of this coming week. And when we do hear from editors, we'll have to be more careful about setting deadlines.

Today I'm thankful for getting plenty of work done, our white strawberry and mint scented bodywash, Take 5 still being on sale, the store having plenty of our regular type of frozen pizza, and not having to work-work tomorrow.
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