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Making progress

Well, it's looking like we might survive this after all! After translating two simulpub chapters, we made enough progress on our rushed-because-the-deadline's-been-extended-as-far-as-possible-and-we're-cutting-it-close translation that we think we won't have to pull an all-nighter tomorrow. Then we just have to start and finish another translation before Monday, so we'll have time to do another rush simulpub then. Whew.

The only uncertain element is the anime we agreed to translate this season. ...Of course, anything else could pop up in the meantime, but I think the time-frame is short enough that we can say, "Yeah, could it wait just a bit?" without too much trouble.

Today I'm thankful for getting a good chunk of work done without having to stay up extra late, finally figuring out most of those soccer terms and references, having confirmed our ride to Target on Thursday (we don't have time for that, either, but there are issues that are demanding our attention), shoujo manga not being too super hard, and it being bedtime.
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