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Back to playing catch up

We're back to playing catch up. We had a book due tomorrow that we weren't able to get to until today, so we asked our editor for more time, and she says it will be no problem as long as we can get it in Thursday morning! That would be super awesome and great if we weren't set to get a chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer any day now. So we stayed up late, and we finished our first draft! Tadah! We still have to translate the extras in the back, but we think it won't be too detrimental (we hope) to save those for tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm relieved that we only had to stay up an hour (not even quite that; just almost that). We'll see how things go tomorrow before we decide how doomed we are.

In the meantime, Maintenance is cracking down on the cat situation again, which is simultaneously a huge relief and heartbreaking. This week is shaping up to be pretty rough.

Today I'm thankful for mostly finishing our first draft, also finishing the other thing we were late on, Page finding a super adorable place to sit (but unfortunately she didn't stay there long), having time to work on this late translation without completely disrupting our editor's schedule, and it being bedtime now.
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