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How we recover

As expected, we were pretty drained today after a day at Disneyland with another set of nephews & niece. We weren't quite dying like last time, probably because we had built up stamina from then, and also because we got more to eat, but we did have to declare efforts to get any work done a lost cause (not from lack of trying, though) and spend the evening watching Noragami Aragoto. The anime's a lot more fun when the manga isn't so fresh on your mind.

Reading the subtitles had our usual "I wonder how we dealt with that," but only partly for the usual reason of "because I bet it was so much better." There were some lines that had me going, "Oh, that was a pretty good wording. I hope ours wasn't terrible." I think lately, and I want to blame it on fatigue, it's been harder for me to automatically come up with good wording, so even when I was reading the manga in Japanese, I was like, "Oh boy, I hope we didn't mess that one up."

And so! we pulled up our translations of the Kugaha arc, and it turns out our translations were pretty awesome after all, so that was a relief. "Well, someone's been stinging her like a pin cushion, so..."

Anyway, I think I should probably continue the Little Sister No.1 Disneyland story just a little, to make sure I don't keep putting it all off until it's fled my memory. ...On the other hand, I'm not sure the people who would be most interested will find it under all that Noragami stuff. Hmm. Oh well, we're tired anyway. And it's possible I can fit it all into one post on Sunday...

I will say that it seems like Little Sister No.1's kids make for more interesting stories, while Little Sister No.2's kids make for more interesting photographs. Just like how some people are better at writing novels, and some people are better at drawing. I don't know; we'll see when I finally have a chance to type up the rest of all the Disneyland reports.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Noragami Aragoto again, the inspiration that is certainly what we have to thank for our good Noragami translations, having some yummy cookies waiting for us to eat them, having a lovely time with Sarah and her kids at Disneyland, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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