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Another disappearing Saturday

I think the subject line says it all. We woke up (late, thankfully), we did the stuff we needed to do, and now it's time to go to bed. We didn't get as much work done on Noragami as we had hoped, but we should have expected as much. I think there's still a good chance we can finish it on Monday, but there's a song, so really there's no telling.

Oh, but there is news! There are more kittens. Our good friend(?) Tangles (you may remember, she's from the litter that started this whole business) finally got a chance to have a litter somewhere that's not the roof, so the kittens are still alive! As far as we know. And now we have two litters to deal with. So that's another thing to stress out about, but on the bright side, adorable kittens! (We're not sure how many there are yet, because she won't let us get anywhere near them. We sometimes hear them whining. We think it's because the bigger kittens keep going up to get a closer look and all the shifting around means they're getting stepped on or pinched or something. As long as they're not being suffocated.)

The goal is to start writing up all the stories from our recent Disneyland trip tomorrow. You won't want to miss it! Or maybe you will. I don't know. It's up to you.

Today I'm thankful for having a clue for how to tackle this song that's coming up, Tangles having her kittens in a way that doesn't involve them falling to their deaths, already having a note on "owie, owie, fly away," inadvertently naming a character in Princess Principal, and getting the giraffe legs in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross.
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