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Ooooohhhhhh maaaaannn. We're dying. Not literally. I mean, sort of literally, in the sense that none of us is going to make it out of the world alive, but right now we're not dying in such an immediate sense. Probably. What I mean to say is that we are exhausted. Yesterday we went with Little Sister #1 and her brood to Disneyland, and while the children are little darlings, it doesn't matter how cute a kid is--going to Disneyland with toddlers is at least three times as exhausting as going with an older group.

Fun times were had, and there are many stories to tell, but for today, we recover. We also tried to get some work done on Noragami, but brain function was not high. I think that means it's a good thing that we came across a stretch of pages that ended up having about a bazillion notes, because, while research is hard, at least we're not trying to come up with beautiful dialogue when our brains are crushed. I'm also pretty pleased with us for figuring out which shrine to Takemikazuchi was being featured in the one panel.

At one point during the day, we knew we were going to have to get to work, but we couldn't muster the strength (Adorable Niece loved being carried, and we are saps; she'd do this thing where she'd come in for a hug, and you'd bend down to hug her thinking, "Awww, what a sweetheart!" and then she'd be all, "Okay, now pick me up."), so we watched an episode of the Noragami anime instead! We were hoping that it would help us feel more motivated to get back to the manga. Unfortunately, we were so tired, and it was one of the filler episodes, that it mostly only got us interested in reminding ourselves how the anime team manages to finish that story arc. (I must of course point out that we adore Noragami, and especially the manga, but I think it may be our love of it that unmotivates us--we don't want to risk messing it up.)

Well, our deadline is as soon as humanly possible, so here's hoping we've recovered enough by tomorrow to get a good chunk of it done!

Today I'm thankful for good times with extended family at Disneyland (full report to come in due time), not actually dying before we got home, getting to watch some Noragami anime, getting to learn some cool new stuff to note in this volume of the manga, and the apparently positive reaction to the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition.
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