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Bad decision or the best decision?

So we had about a hundred pages left in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and only an hour before bedtime, and I know there are probably a bunch of people who could knock that out in like twenty minutes, but we are not fast readers. So we discussed it and told ourselves that the reasonable thing to do would be to go to bed. But I looked ahead at our week, and even though it was still going to be just a week, with all the things we have going on, it seemed like it would be about a million years, and the big climactic battle was just about to get started (not, like, the end battle, but the whole series of battles), and it seemed like such a sad place to end up having to wait a million years for.

So now here we are an hour past bedtime, but it was a lovely read. Well, except for the sad stuff. Oh my goodness when Dumbledore told Harry he didn't make him a prefect because he figured Harry had quite enough responsibility, it felt too real. We feel like we have quite enough responsibility and we don't even have to deal with the kind of stuff Harry does. Ohhh, all the feels. It's a good book, even if Gaston does think the Wheel of Time series is a million times better than Harry Potter.

Today I'm thankful for getting to read a lot of Harry Potter, learning that there is a shuttle we can take to Universal Studios (now that we have two weeks left on our passes), Page leaving her new favorite spot for a little while to hang out with us while we read, the super cute Japanese white-eye plush we got in our YumeTwins box, and the power of the internet that allows us to look up what kind of a bird it was in mere minutes.
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