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Our vacation in a nutshell

I probably should write up something about our trip. We arrived at our destination on Saturday night, went to church the next day, were harassed by toddlers for the next 24 hours, went to Gaston's birthday party, stayed the night at our little sister's place, and went to Disneyland on Tuesday.

Okay, so the toddlers weren't actually that harassing, but they were tiring as usual. They were also pretty cute. We're hoping they were extra tiring because they were happy to see us, but on the other hand that means that life will be a vicious cycle where the more loved we are the less energy we will ever have. Hm. But if they weren't being extra tiring, that means there is no way either of us will ever have the energy to have our own children.

Anyway, we took the toddlers to a place that is sometimes referred to as a kids' museum, but it seems more like an elaborate play place. There's some learning involved, like there's one area where they have a play car set up, and there are checklists so the kids can learn how to fix it. There are giant building blocks and easels to draw on and a plexi-glass room where kids can paint the walls, and a bunch of fun stuff like that. It's tough for people like me, though, who are always like, "But I don't know what to draw." So I took it upon myself to take pictures of the kids instead. It was a pretty good time.

Gaston's party was pretty much what we expected. Gaston knows a lot of people. We do not know a lot of people. So we mostly kept to ourselves, but occasionally someone would come along that we knew and we would talk or play cards. There were hockey themed games, apparently procured by Alice, who told us that she knew as soon as she blew one up that the inflatable hockey sticks were going to be useless as hockey sticks and therefore immediately be converted by all the children in attendance into battering rams. She decided this would be glorious and continued with the plan.

The next morning, we hung out with Sarah's kids while they got ready for school, and our favorite nephew gave us some posters from his Pokemon book. Awww, what a sweetheart.

Then it was off to Disneyland to say hi to Farley and have lunch at the Carthay Circle. We ended up with a waitress we'd had before who we really like, and this time we discovered that she, like us, can't eat fruit. She had a whole monologue about different fruits and why they were gross. "Strawberries have seeds on the outside. That's weird, so we're not doing that." "Cooked peach is fine, but fresh peach, I don't know why it's fuzzy." She's also a Beauty and the Beast fanatic, so we had a great time talking about the original, the knockoff, and the Broadway version. Ah, good times. This is why we love eating at the Carthay Circle. The delicious food doesn't hurt, either.

Today I'm thankful for getting to check out the children's museum, not having to take the train home, a wonderful lunch at the Carthay Circle, awesome wait staff, and eventually making decent progress on Land of the Lustrous.
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