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Slow day

Not much by way of news today, except that the cats seem to have rejected the carrier. I don't think it's a permanent thing, but they were definitely not into it (or in it) today. We did see them playing at the cattail bush again, which is kind of my favorite thing right now. Then Adrien came along and claimed the bush for himself. Oh cats.

I guess there is one other little tidbit of news. We got a scare earlier when we heard our gate open. It used to be cause for excitement, but we've gotten a few too many anti-feline notices to be happy to hear that noise anymore. I think we're probably safe from any more of those until next month at least, but it's still a little nerve-wracking.

We decided to change the terror into horror as soon as possible (that's literary terms: terror is the fear of the unknown, and horror is the fear and disgust after you see the terrifying thing), and besides if it was a package of some sort, we were curious (and also would want to prevent cats from claiming it as their own). So I opened the door to see, and there was a package! Tadah! I'd forgotten that we were expecting books.

So now we have the books for our new series, and the latest volume of Waiting for Spring, and all the covers are adorable, so we're excited. We've been kind of slackery about work, though. Hopefully we can get our act together soon.

Today I'm thankful for the cattail bush still being a kitten favorite, getting a lovely phone call from our sister, having a nice time talking on the phone with Mom, new manga to look forward to, and finding a fun little British dialect translator online.
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