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We finished our main work for today, so we got back to Sailor Moon. Oh man, this series. It actually wasn't too bad; maybe I just feel like it wore me out extra because it's hot today. I also feel like we did a ton of research, and yet when I look back on it, I don't think we looked up that much stuff. I mean, when we last left off on Sailor Moon, we had spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if there was any special significance to Sailor Neptune playing the violin specifically, and ultimately had to give up in defeat. Back when we were first into Sailor Moon, we were also kind of into astrology (not in the sense that we felt like it governed our destinies; more as a personality quiz type thing), and I seem to remember learning that Pisces was the artistic sign and always assuming that's why Sailor Neptune was the artistic one... All our favorite manga artists at the time were Pisces, too, so.

Anyway, that's something that there will not be a note about, because we didn't find anything we felt was definite enough to merit one. But we do have a note about her Stradivarius violin. And now I remember that we were writing a note about the Holy Grail, and the research had us going, "!!! That ties back to this other thing! We better go add it to the note we wrote for it!" So we went back through our translation notes...and discovered that we hadn't actually written a note for it. So we had to write a note about that, too. And I guess all of that is why we feel like we did so much research, even though we actually only wrote three notes.

Let's talk about kittens. Athena says the other day, Adrien was on top of a box, and play-attacking them all from there. It sounds super adorable. ...I don't really have much else to say about the kittens. They're cute; what else is there to say?

We didn't read Noragami today for two reasons. First, we're not sure exactly when we'll get volume nineteen, or when we'll be able to actually start working on it after that. So we didn't want to read volumes seventeen and eighteen and then have it be a month before we got to nineteen. Second, and more importantly, we're not sure where our copies of volume seventeen are. Athena says she does know where one of them is, so that's good, but we don't know where any of our volume eighteens are...or if we even have them, for that matter. We think we got eighteens...

Anyway, reading Noragami is an interesting exercise for me, because when I read volume fifteen in English, there were a few places where I was like, "Surely we could have worded it better than that..." Nothing terrible, just a few "hrrm" places. Then when I read sixteen in Japanese, I was like, "Oh man, I have no idea how we could have dealt with that! It must be terrible!" But Athena read volume sixteen in English, and she says we did a pretty good job. Well that's a relief, anyway. Perhaps ironically, in fifteen, one of the few characters whose lines I felt always sounded good was Bishamon. She's one of the characters that always makes me freak out about getting her to sound right. So I'm glad she turned out okay.

Today I'm thankful for making a decent amount of progress on Sailor Moon, having the chance to look back at some of our older work, having the chance to fix the error of a missing note, getting to watch the kittens play with each other (I kind of figure we don't have to worry too much about finding homes for them until the mother stops hissing at us, but maybe I'm just being naive... Really, we just want to ship them off with their mother all together to some nice place for them), and getting to watch more Ace of Diamond.
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