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This whole "not working after dinner" thing is turning out to be really super awesome. Tonight we even had time to read manga! We came thiiiiiis close to starting a reread of Noragami, but then we discovered that, since we lent out an English and Japanese copy of volume one, we had no more copies. We should have another copy of volume one around somewhere, but it has apparently been put in a very safe place. So instead, we read Karneval, because that's one we definitely need to be up to speed on before we translate the next volume. You know, since, unlike Noragami, we haven't read it before. Then we watched an episode of Ace of Diamond, because that's what we do now.

We also started a new workout program that's supposed to activate all the core muscles that you never use when you spend hours and hours and hours sitting at a desk. The exercises are supposed to seem ridiculously easy, and I agree that they're not strenuous, but I'm having a hard time getting the concept of them. Well, that's what practice is for. Our hope is that we'll manage to get into better shape before September comes along and everyone descends for Disneyland trips (but not all at once).

Today I'm thankful for taking the evening off, still finishing our work quota, getting to read some manga, the weather being just a little bit cooler, and Page showing signs that she hasn't only taken up residence on her window perch to die.
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