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Delightful Sunday

I'm not sure I have anything to say about today. It was a nice Sunday. We spent a lot of time chatting online about exactly the kinds of things we like chatting about. Somebody got us started on our "why Snow White and Cinderella are much better role models than everybody seems to think they are" rant, we got to talk about honorifics, etc. Then we made pancakes that were ridiculously fluffy. I think we maybe didn't add enough liquid to the mix, but on the other hand, maybe they're better that thick? The jury's still out. One of these days we'll start eating pancakes with toppings.

Then we read Harry Potter and were reminded of how purely evil Umbridge is. I kind of wish there could be an animated series just so we can have a more faithful visual representation of her, with the toadlike face and pointy teeth. I wonder if Atsushi Ohkubo's ever done a fan art of that. He has a lot of pointy-toothed characters, and based on Maka's character design, I think it's a pretty safe bet he's a fan of the series. On the other hand, while rereading Harry Potter, one of the things I'm learning is that sometimes it's better not to have a specific picture for reference, because then you can imagine whatever you want. But back to the first hand, I'm not a very visually-oriented person, so all of my imaginings are extremely vague. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for having some lovely discussion, getting to read Harry Potter, amusingly thick pancakes, the idea of adding some black cherry lemonade powder to the mix sometime, and getting to see the kittens playing outside. We named the white one Eren Jeager, because it hisses at us something fierce, like a puny human angry at the titans (if it turns out to be a molly, we'll change the name to Ellen).
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