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We took the day off yesterday, and there was a part of it that was stressful in the "I'm not sure how to make the most of this precious day off" way, combined with the "I don't know if this one day off is going to be enough" concerns, but I think we managed to make it work. We considered taking today off, too, but opted not to, in favor of a plan to just not work after dinner at least for the rest of the week. So far, I think it's working out pretty well.

When we had about an hour left last night, we went over all our options and decided that watching an episode of anime would be best, but we had finished Darling in the Franxx and now we had no idea what to watch. All we wanted was something not-too-serious that also had Yuki Kaji in it, but it's always hard to find anime with your favorite voice actor when you insist on not knowing what the cast of anything is when you go into it. One of these days we may just have to accept the fact that we don't have time to sample every single anime in the hopes that our favorite voice actor will show up in the first episode.

So we went to Crunchyroll and looked at their most popular anime list to see if anything stood out. At the bottom corner of the page was Ace of Diamond. We recently found out that Yuki Kaji is in Ace of Diamond, so we thought maybe we should check it out. On the other hand, it's a sports anime, and the last two sports anime we tried were Yowamushi Pedal and Haikyuu!!, and both of them bored us. (Okay, actually we watched Dive!!...I'm sure you can guess why. It didn't totally bore us, but it was based on a light novel, not a manga, so it seemed less likely to drag on. Sure enough, it was only twelve episodes.) But we also knew that Ace of Diamond was Kodansha, and Kodansha titles have a better track record for keeping us interested, so we told ourselves it couldn't hurt to watch one episode.

So we did and we liked it a lot! Tadah! But there are 127 episodes, so if we didn't already know our favorite voice actor is in it, we might have given it a pass anyway, because he's not in the first episode. But the point is, now we have a new anime to watch, and it's amazing how much hope that can give us for our life.

Today I'm thankful for having a new anime to watch, making...some progress on work today, Page continuing to surprise us with new places to sleep, firefighters, and people who know how to get right to the point.
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