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Very slow progress on the kitten front

I called the animal control/rescue people today, and I think I probably didn't communicate well, which is understandable, because I'm not entirely sure what I want from them. The main thing I learned was that it's possible to rent humane cat traps, for purposes of catching strays and taking them to the vet for the various things that prevent population explosions and zombie apocalypses. This is only mildly helpful, because we still don't have anybody to help us transport the cats once they are caught, nor are we convinced that we have time for such shenanigans, or that the cats haven't already wised up to traps, what with some of them having already been caught and neutered.

Also, after Googling the traps, they look a lot like a cage we saw one time outside the management office, so I guess maybe management has the same idea about them. The way I see it is that now the only hope is to gain all the felines' trust. In the meantime, Mom told me about some raccoons from back in Alabama that would come and the family whose house they lived near could almost get them to eat dogfood out of their hands, so that assuages my fears about the hydrophoby.

In the meantime, the more pressing(?) matter is that we have put our feet down and decided that we will be taking a mental health day tomorrow. We think our August schedule is just barely light enough that we can get away with it. We might spend some of our free time writing up a review or two (as usual, we are three reviews behind).

Today I'm thankful for getting all of our work done today, our simulpub coming early so we won't have to work on it tomorrow and therefore we get the whole day off (unless we need to fix something; this chapter has something we're afraid we might need to fix), getting to watch kittens play, remembering to pull the pizza out of the oven before it was completely inedible (I forgot to set the timer!), and Japanese textiles.
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