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Alethea & Athena
They live! 
4th-Aug-2018 09:48 pm
We decided, after getting our magical creatures Wizarding World crates, that we needed to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them again, because last time we watched it, we couldn't always hear what was going on, and a lot of stuff got missed. We were a little spontaneous about it, and just got it on Amazon and watched it this very evening! And we're a little annoyed that we still don't know where to find any of those beasts (except the Thunderbird). It bored us a little, as all movies do these days, but the ratio of bored to not bored was low enough that we're not upset about it.

But we have more important news! We have successfully confirmed that all four kittens from the latest litter are alive and well! Huzzah! We saw a neighbor stop and stare at our patio and then pull out his phone to take a picture, while we were right there in the living room watching our movie. Maybe we should have said hi...

Today I'm thankful for all four kittens being alive, getting a fair amount of enjoyment out of the Fantastic Beasts movie (that niffler had such an attitude), confirming that we can in fact fit five pizzas in our freezer, chocolate brownie mug cake with caramel sauce, and having an excuse to order more Fairy Tail soundtracks if we ever make another CD Japan order.
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