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It's a new month

It's a new month! And like with most new months lately, it looked like it might be fairly light as far as workload is concerned, until about a week ago, when we looked again and said yeeeeah, we're gonna be busy. But on the bright side! the picture on our Chip and Dale calendar for August is super adorable (they're dressed like farmers and standing/sitting next to a couple of tomatoes), and! the Tsum Tsum desk calendar we got in a YumeTwins box finally has a picture with no Pixar or Frozen Tsum Tsums! It's all just Disney princesses and their sidekicks, and one prince (the Prince from Snow White). Thanks, August!

As usual, work on My Monster Secret goes very slowly. I may have mentioned this in the past, but this is the kind of series that has us feel like we've been working forever, and then we look and see we've only done two pages. It's a little less of a cause for despair these days, because we know it's just because of the ridiculous amounts of text.

I wish it would go faster, though, because we finally got one of our Wizarding World crates, and the second one should be arriving tomorrow, and it seems like we should wait until we're done with our first draft at least before we open them. But the theme is magical creatures, and the box is big enough that there might actually be a plushie! Aaaaaaahhh! The suspense!

That's okay. A little suspense is good for you, I think.

Oh! And Athena just reminded me, so I wanted to mention it so I'd have a record! The volume of Hatsu*Haru we just turned in ended on a big event--an event so big, they actually listed a date for it. And guess what! That date is today! August 1! What a happy coincidence!

Today I'm thankful for some nice calendar pictures for August, having Wizarding World crates to look forward to, making it maybe halfway through our first draft today, finishing that volume of Hatsu*Haru on the same day the ending took place, and all the adorable new places Page has found to sit.
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