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Today was back to work as usual. We're working on this series, and everything the author says in the extras is like, "Are you copying our life?" The afterword was even like, "I just stay inside doing the same thing every day, so I have nothing new to talk about." She's like our Japanese doppelganger or something. I guess that means we can never meet her, though.

We actually did also go out today! We Target! To buy more food for the Moochers (that's our affectionate name for the neighborhood cats). We also got some snacks and water filters, so while it was exciting for our tastebuds, it's none too exciting to talk about.

And despite the errands, we did manage to finish our minimum work quota! Woohoo! But we did not manage to finish our ideal work quota. Boo.

Oh! But there was something that was a little exciting, in a super translator geeky sort of way. We don't usually go to the Twitter, but Athena still has the app on her iPad, and she still has it set for notifications, so if there's a tweet that interests us, we'll look into it in more detail. One came up that had an @ mention of us! What! And it said, "I don't know! Ask [one of our editors] or @TwinTranslators." And we were all, "Was?" because I picked up a habit of asking what in German for some reason.

So Athena pulled up the app and got the whole conversation, which was the aforementioned tweet preceded by one asking if honorifics would be retained in the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition. This set me off, because I know of at least two prominent Sailor Moon fans (maybe one, if they're actually the same person...) who think that leaving Japanese honorifics is a sign of lazy translation, and I didn't want this person finding out we kept them and then getting the entire Moonie community to collectively decide to give this edition a miss. I was ready to go to Twitter and start a whole tweet storm about how honorifics aren't lazy, we've seen works where the honorifics were "translated" (which really just means "removed" anyway) that didn't seem to be that unlazy, seriously how many of you are outraged at the lazy translations of The Three Musketeers that retain words like Monsieur, gosh don't those translators know that means Mr.? etc. etc. etc. I kept trying to come at it from different angles, trying to see which seemed like it would be most effective.

But of course we had a ton of work, so we didn't actually do that. (And, lest you should fear that our work suffered for it, we mostly left this plotting for when we were taking breaks to eat.)

Later, the Twitter app informed Athena that our editor had replied and answered the question. The asker was greatly relieved that Mamo-chan and Usako would be calling each other by the right names, to the point of using all caps to express her appreciation. And I was all, "Whewwwwwwwww!" I'm glad to know that there are still fans out there who aren't offended by Japanese name honorifics. ...But then that takes us to the people who commented on Crunchyroll's Edens Zero page to complain about how it was obviously rewritten--there are no Japanese honorifics!--and now we're afraid they've gone off to pirate the series because we're not doing it "right." Fans are so difficult.

(As for Edens Zero, we were specifically asked to translate the honorifics out by Kodansha, and there aren't that many in there to begin with, which is just another reason we probably would have translated them out anyway, the other being that it's a fantasy series that's not in a Japanese setting.)

Today I'm thankful for getting to go outside, our friend from church who's always more than willing to drive us to Target to buy food for the Moochers, knowing that there are fans who won't write off the Eternal Edition of Sailor Moon just because we retained the honorifics (and how many of these honorifics opponents are also proponents of translating the chibi in Chibi Moon?), meeting our minimum work quota, and our office fan.
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