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And today was another day of slacking.

We didn't mean to slack, we really didn't. There just wasn't much we could do. And we were kind of working up to something.

See, back in September, because we're not as stupid as we apparently like to make Mom think we are, we were applying for more work. We sent an e-mail to Bandai asking them if they need translators. They said no, thanks, they do most of their employment through, and we might want to try there. So, tadah! We signed up for an account.

That's how we learned that finding freelance translating work on Monster is nigh impossible. Maybe even completely impossible, but there's no telling for sure. But what we did find were some postings in various locations to teach English in Japan with the Nova Group. It seemed worth looking into, so we checked out their website, and everything seemed to fit what we needed perfectly--they would basically pay for us to get to Japan and give us a place to live. Except for the interruptions called "work," it's exactly what we wanted. And they train you and everything, so even the working part wouldn't be so bad. And they keep emphasizing that you can work flexible hours, and go out and travel around Asia if you want, so they probably wouldn't make us give up our translation gig.

So why didn't we apply right then and there, you ask? While there is the fact that transition is like pulling teeth (mainly the transit from living here to living there; once there, we could probably adapt pretty easily. We hate moving with a mad, unbridled passion though.), there are actually some other reasons that we feel are quite legitimate.

First, we had just signed a new lease that expires in May. That reason is now void, because they say to apply three to six months before you want to go. Second, we literally have no clothes that we could wear to an interview. Thanks to the interference of dear little Celeste, who happened to get us to tell her about this Nova Group thing on Saturday, that problem's taken care of. She's going to be so kind as to buy us some clothes on the Internet and have them sent to us.

The last reason is really the one that gets us, though. We don't know if they'd let us take the cats. And while we know that some people think they're just animals, they don't care where they are or who they're with, the idea of leaving them behind with people that won't take care of them scares us both to death. They're the only ones who have consistently been there for us through all this crap we've had to go through in the last year and a half. We're still not sure what we're going to do about this reason. Celeste says if we can somehow get them up to Provo, they could maybe stay with Aunt Becky, who was actually Oreo's original owner. Celeste says she has some other cats, which makes me nervous for Oreo, but we can at least be sure that she would take good care of them. Of course, this is without consulting her about it, so that could easily fall through.

Nevertheless, this whole thing with the not being able to pay rent or buy food, let alone toys, has caused us to realize that, since we suck at marketing ourselves, we have to find some kind of other income. And our best bet for that is to apply to work with the Nova Group. Celeste was pretty adamant, once she found out about it, that we must apply.

In fact, we were going to do it today; that's what we were working up to. We even typed out our answers to the questions that require longer answers onto Word so that we could copy and paste them when we send the applications, since we'll have to send them one at a time and I want them to arrive as close together as possible.

But then we thought it would be really nice if we could go to AX before we left for Japan. Also, since our move last year was so unsuccessful in its organization, an extra two months to get everything ready before the move would be nice. The problem is, since our lease runs out in May, we have to check with the management to see if we can go month-to-month for June and July, but we don't want to talk to the management until we have a rent check. And now I feel like we're making excuses again, but we're really not. We really are determined to go to Japan.

Of course, there's also the question of getting accepted. Last year's Disneyland fiasco is making me a little nervous. But that was a different thing. If it's supposed to work out, it will.

So yeah. We've finally psyched ourselves up enough. Though I do start wanting to cry when I look at Mimsy sitting on Athena's lap. But we'll work something out.
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