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Some thoughts on religion

The other day, we were in an online chat and somebody said they kind of want to go to church for the community aspect of it, but they feel like it would be wrong when they're basically agnostic. I think the implication is that they don't intend on ever not being agnostic...but if you consider "agnostic" in its literal meaning, which is "ignorant," it seems silly to be determined to stay that way. But that's just a bit of linguistic over-literalism or something. The important thing is that we said we think it's probably okay to go to church even if it's just for the social aspect, and added our opinion that many regular church-goers are doing just that.

I was originally going to add that the faithful churchgoers will just be hopeful that, in the process of going to socialize, people will feel the Spirit and gain a testimony for themselves, but I wasn't able to formulate that into words before the other party said that just the first part (about most people going just to socialize) helped them feel better, so I decided not to add anything after all. But later, we realized that just that part can easily be misconstrued, so I thought it couldn't hurt to clarify.

...Or maybe it could, because part of it comes from being judgmental. There's a General Conference talk about being active in church as opposed to being active in the gospel, and from our own experiences with people we know that the general authority who gave the talk had good reason to do it. Which is to say, I know that just because someone comes to church every week doesn't mean they're active in the gospel. So that's where I'm being judgmental. But like I mentioned earlier, I hope that as these people keep coming to church, they'll continue to learn and grow (just like we're all learning and growing (hopefully) whether at church or anywhere else), and we can all improve ourselves. High as my opinion of myself is, I have to admit that I am far from perfect, too.

I also think that if you're agnostic and want to find answers, the only way to do it is to keep looking, so you might as well try out some church meetings.

So I don't know if that really clarifies anything or not, but there it is. And here's a link to that talk, in case anyone is interested.

Today I'm thankful for having the energy (just barely) to make it to the store today, the lemonade that helped us last until dinner time when neither of us felt like we could stomach any food, getting to spend a long time watching anime with Page, the super yummy pizza we had for dinner, and the lovely cool breezes we've been having.
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