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The whirlwind day

I was kind of half intending to stop watching anime a little early so I could post more about Anime Expo, but when we've been working practically nonstop all week, and the anime is pretty serious in the plot department, it's kind of hard to resist the pull of the couch. But I can still update a little.

Saturday morning at Anime Expo was a whirlwind. That was the day we were going to cosplay Land of the Lustrous, with our brand new costumes! We were up late because of the party the night before, so we didn't pull ourselves out of bed early. We didn't think it would be a problem, because the costumes were just a shirt, skorts, and a tie...and wigs and makeup...and really we should have allowed for more time, but I guess we might have been moving a little slower from fatigue, too. Also, there was only one panel we were sort of interested in attending, and we weren't too attached to the idea of going.

The problem was my shirt felt too small. I probably would have just ignored it, but Athena's shirt looked like it fit better than mine, and I don't know if that's because we actually ended up being sent different sizes, or if maybe the people sewing them had different methods that ended up with one being smaller than the other, or maybe (gasp!) I'm actually a little fatter than Athena (we decided not to compare the shirts to find out on that one), but it was making me uncomfortable, so I was determined to get a new shirt or give up on the whole idea. There were several stores in the hotel, so we were on our way out the door (in half-cosplay, half-normal clothes) to see if one of them sold white button-down shirts. Surely businessman stay in this hotel all the time, and they might need backup shirts, right?

Well, it didn't matter, because as we were about to leave, my phone started ringing. That was weird; who would be calling at Anime Expo? (Actually everybody, apparently. On Friday, both our younger sisters called at different times. And apparently I pocket-dialed Gaston, so he had to call back, and...) It was our Kodansha editor. First she wanted to ask if we were going to the Sailor Moon Day panel--that was the one we were half planning to attend. We knew our editor would be making an appearance, but we also figured they would mostly be showcasing their fancy new dub; hence the only half interest. Then she wanted to make sure she knew how to pronounce our names because she wanted to give us a shout-out. Awwww!

After that, we figured we couldn't not go to the panel...but it was starting in twenty minutes, and that was cutting it close, even if we did happen to walk out the hotel doors and onto a shuttle that left immediately. So we forgot about cosplay temporarily, completed our normal ensembles, and dashed outside! ...And naturally, the shuttle took forever. We waited and waited and eventually decided we might as well walk the mile to the convention center, because the shuttle stop was so far away from the main events hall that any time saved by taking the bus might have been lost anyway.

We got to the panel just a little bit late (maybe fifteen minutes, of a two hour panel). It was too dark to find the reserved seating (our editor had indicated they might have saved seats for us), so we just found some seats sort of close to the front. And sure enough, they just talked about the dub and the actors in the dub and their feelings about stuff. But about halfway through, they did bring our our editor! Woohoo! And she was joined by Fumio Osano, the Japanese editor of Sailor Moon himself!

The MC asked about the Eternal Edition of Sailor Moon, and our editor promoted it a little bit. She said our goal was to recreate the experience the Japanese readers had, as closely as possible, and that's exactly right, but I'd never really heard it in so many words before, so I liked that. She did give us a shout-out, and we cheered super loud! Mostly because I was hoping to get people's attention, but on reflection, I realize it sounds kind of conceited, cheering for ourselves like that. But we did hear some cheering from the other side of the room, so maybe people were excited to hear that we translated it!

They asked Osano-san why he thinks Sailor Moon is such a phenomenon, and he said, "That's what I want to know." They also mentioned the Sailor Moon shop at the Kodansha booth and asked if there was anything in particular he would recommend. He held up a small-sized replica of the Moon Stick and said they brought about a million of them over from Japan, and it was really hard getting them on the plane. It was an item designed by Naoko Takeuchi herself, and they weren't selling as well as they thought, so please buy them because I really don't want to have to take them home. (We had seen the items before, and only found out the previous afternoon that they light up, so we were sort of planning to go buy one anyway, and now our resolve was strengthened.)

Then the editors went backstage, and they brought the dub actors out again for more of that kind of stuff. If it were Japanese voice actors, I'm sure I would have been hanging on every word, but since it wasn't, I admit I was bored. I'm sure it's not the actors' fault, though. Their discussion did inform us that we're going to have to do some research on Fish's Eye as opposed to Fish Eye. Sigh.

They also showed some clips from the S and SuperS movies, which once again reminded us that we don't care for dubs. I don't think the lines were quite as overacted as the other dubs we'd heard that weekend, but there were still some translate-y lines of dialogue. It all just makes us want to go, "Move over and let me do that!" But we don't have time.

The panel ended and we realized we were starving, so we went to get something to eat. We were thiiiiiiis close to deciding we didn't care that much about figuring out the costume situation, but then Cecille, who had been absent for all of this because of weird hotel logistics, texted to say she was so excited to cosplay Land of the Lustrous with us!!! so we couldn't let her down. (She was our Diamond.) So we walked back to the hotel, stopping at a clothing store on the way there to get not just a better fitting button-down shirt, but a couple of white t-shirts to wear underneath them. And the whole time I felt like I was just wasting all of our valuable convention time. What if Yuki Kaji was wandering the dealers' hall while we were doing all of this!? Well, you didn't have to insist on a new shirt, you know. I know, I know.

Anyway. We finally got our costumes on, and we weren't necessarily happy with how they looked, because, I realize, hair is very tricky. And people who normally don't have short hair look very very different when wearing short wigs. And the braids for Amethyst wouldn't stay in place and we didn't have time to mess with hairpins, even if we had remembered to buy some. But they weren't too terrible.

We went down to the shuttle stop and waited and waited...and then a couple of very helpful people ran outside to tell us that they had moved the shuttle stop to the other side of the hotel. What. So we went there, and waited and waited and waited. And finally we were able to go back to the convention.

Today I'm thankful for finally managing to get our Amethyst costumes on, getting to see what all the fuss was at the Sailor Moon panel, the kind people who told us about the shuttle stop change, not dying despite all our running back and forth in the super hot weather, and proper signage.
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