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AX 2018 Day 1-2

I think we might finally be at about back to normal status after Anime Expo. Of course, "normal status" isn't necessarily the ideal status, but it's better than braindead and completely exhausted. I mean, tiredness is a constant, so.

Anyway, let's tell a little bit more about Anime Expo. We had just met up with a fan(?) from the internet, and I don't remember why, but we decided to keep hanging out. Maybe it was momentum. Athena and I had places to be, and she didn't mind tagging along, so we stayed together. And actually, we only had one place to be, and that place was at the Talent for Cons autograph signing area. We have since decided that we kind of hate Talent for Cons, but now we have a copy of Kingdom Hearts signed by the voices of Donald and Goofy, so there's that.

Here's how it worked. Talent for Cons brings about eighty-seven thousand (give or take) semi-famous people who can be tangentially related to anime to Anime Expo so those people can make some extra money on the side by writing their names on stuff. I sound so cynical about it, and I kind of hate talking that way about Donald and Goofy, so I have to add that I'm sure there are other factors, such as the fact that they might be very busy and therefore their time is very valuable, or maybe 90% of it goes to Talent for Cons. Maybe it all goes to charity! We don't know. All we know is that it cost $30 for each autograph. But! the voice of Donald actually started as an animator, so for an extra ten dollars, he would draw Donald for you right there on the spot. We were very tempted to go with that option, but we had brought our copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix American edition specifically to be signed by Donald and Goofy, and we were wearing our Donald and Goofy costumes, so we stuck with the original plan.

Of course fans like to camp out to be the first for everything, so there was already a line when we got to the signing area. So we waited and waited and waited and waited (Donald wasn't even there yet, which of course added to the waiting), and then there he was! And he looked very grumpy, just like Donald! And we got our autograph, and it was actually pretty uneventful, and then we moved over and stood in the line for Goofy.

And he wasn't there yet, either (his signing started an hour later), so we waited and waited and waited and waited and our hanger-on friend got bored and left, and finally we got an autograph. Goofy was more extroverted than Donald, so he commented on my hat, then he signed our video game, and as we left, he must have realized, oh hey, those costumes look familiar, so he said he loved our outfits. Awwwww. (Incidentally, he wasn't drawing sketches for people, but for $20, he would pose in a selfie with you. Maybe it was only $10. We don't remember.)

By then we had accomplished everything we wanted to do that day, and our poor foots were so tired, so we went back to the hotel and went to bed early. Why!? Because we had to get up early the next morning! Why!? Because we wanted to make sure to get good seats for the Seven Deadly Sins panel!!! Even if there was a small hope of poking our heads in and saying, "Hey, we're with Kodansha, mind if we just sit?" we wanted to make sure it happened when there were still seats up front. And also it didn't feel entirely fair to all the people who would have been waiting and waiting and waiting. I mean, if it involved a series we worked on, we would be taking full advantage of any opportunity we could get to be front and center, but we don't work on Seven Deadly Sins, so that's that.

And thanks to the inability to sleep well in unfamiliar places, we were awake again at the crack of dawn! This time we opted not to fight it, because we were eager to get in line. Fortunately, the scheduling of the Donald and Goofy autographs, combined with the scheduling of the Land of the Lustrous cosplay gathering and Kodansha Comics panel, meant that by process of elimination, on this day we were wearing the costumes that were the easiest to put on--Chip and Dale. There was a teensy tiny delay as I chose which brown shirt looked best under my smock, but they were both t-shirts, so it didn't slow us down too much. We were out the door and in line for the panel by a little after seven, and the panel wasn't until 10:30! We were pretty close to the front of the line (still not first; people wake up eeeearly for these things), so our only concern was how many of the Premier Fans would show up with their priority seating rights.

Fortunately! I guess there weren't a whole lot of them, because we managed to snag some seats in the fifth row center, which also happens to be where all the VIP seating is for shows at Disneyland. They had shepherded the guests of honor into the room before letting any fans in, so we knew that Yuki Kaji was hidden behind the curtains up front, and we maaaay have trained our vision in that direction, in the hopes that we'd see him through a gap in the curtains or something. And we did catch a glimpse or two, so it wasn't wasted!

I forgot to mention! Each of the seats had a special gift on it from Kodansha and from Funimation! The Funimation gift was a set of temporary tattoos that looked like each of the Seven Deadly Sins' marks. We were informed that they're not that temporary, so don't stick them on your face unless you really want to. We're not really into tattoos, temporary or otherwise, so I don't think we'll use them unless we decide to do some cosplay, but we'll see. The Kodansha gift was a shikishi signed by the creator of Seven Deadly Sins, Nakaba Suzuki himself! Nice!

After waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for them to get the entire line into the room (it was a big room with a big line of people), finally it was time for the panel to begin. To be continued.

Today I'm thankful for having a signed copy of Kingdom Hearts (of course there were people in line who were still asking why Donald didn't heal them), getting good seats for the Seven Deadly Sins panel, having super cute Chip and Dale costumes, having time to watch anime tonight, and Page sitting with us while we watched said anime.
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