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Anime Expo 2018 Day One Part Two

We didn't quite meet our work quota today, but we decided that we didn't care, and stopped working for the day at dinner time. We had to. We've been working almost until bedtime all week, and we still haven't recovered from Anime Expo, as indicated by the abnormally large sizes of our ankles. I don't know what it is, but apparently our ankles have swollen. We're pretty sure it's nothing to worry about, though, because we've have had swollen ankles before, and it doesn't hurt.

But speaking of Anime Expo! Let's get back to the report. Last time, we were just about to go to the Sentai Filmworks panel. I don't think anything noteworthy happened there that hasn't already been posted somewhere else. They showed a clip reel from all the anime they did last year, and we cheered extra loud for the titles we translated, always in the hopes that maybe we'll get their attention to say, "Hey, we translated that for you!" but of course if anything, they think, "Wow, those are some passionate fans!"

They also showed some clips from a couple of the dubs they're going to be releasing in the near future, and this was just the start of a series of reminders that we do not like dubs. All the voices are Acting with a capital A, so it sounds very posed. I mean, not "posed," but like the audio equivalent of posed. But because we had so much experience with dubs at Anime Expo this year, we have a theory that part of the questionable acting comes from the questionable writing which comes from questionable translation. Not that the translations weren't accurate--they probably were (we didn't hear most of the source material). Just that they're still pretty translaty, and don't quite sound like how normal native English speakers talk.

After the panel we...did...some stuff... Right, we went back to the dealers' hall! Where we successfully found she who edits most of the stuff we translate. ...And I think we spent most of the day talking to her for a while, wandering off to check out something else, going back to the Kodansha booth to talk for a while, going to the Yen Press booth to talk to editors there, buying more Sailor Moon stuff than perhaps was officially allowed, etc.

We met some other translators, too, who had also come along to talk to our Kodansha editor. One of them was the translator for the UQ Holder! anime, which was kind of a surreal thing to find out. She complained that not everything that needed to be in the style guide was in the style guide, and we were all, "Eh heh heh ^^;;;;;" (On the other hand, we remember there was a misspelled spell (ha ha), and we were like, "Surely we put that in the style guide!" and we checked the style guide and were like, "...Oh, I guess not." And then we got indignant like, "But come on, it's Latin! Like it's that hard to figure out that it should be an L and not an R!" Maybe they didn't give her the kanji.)

Through all of this, we learned that there was a Kingdom Hearts cosplay gathering. The last one of those we went to (in 2007, wow) failed to impress us, but the woman who told us about this one practically ordered us to attend, so we figured we might as well. And we're glad we did, because it was a really great gathering! And this all reminds me that, of all the times we wore our Donald and Goofy costumes to Anime Expo, this is the first time Soras would be all bugging Athena like, "Why didn't you heal me, Donald!?" And it was weird, because I feel like it's never happened before, but this year it happened constantly. And then we went to the gathering and it was even worse! And then they were like, "Okay, let's have a picture of Donald not healing Sora!" When did this get to be such a big thing? There must have been a YouTube video or something. We had a hard time relating, because Athena learned early on (like, back in 2003) not to rely on Donald for healing, so if we ever asked that question, we stopped asking it over a decade ago.

But other than that, the gathering was great. There was a Vexen cosplayer who was kind of MCing the whole thing, like, "Okay, all of this character. Now these characters together. Now we're going to do this scene. Now that scene." Etc. etc. And after we showed up, a whole bunch of Soras wanted to line up to get a selfie with us. (This is a far cry from the first Kingdom Hearts cosplay gathering we went to, where the Sora cosplayers sometimes even told us to go away.)

In the course of all the fun Kingdom Hearts photography, I noticed a lone cosplayer who was not part of the gathering, because she was cosplaying a decidedly different series. In fact, she was dressed as our very favorite character, Yukine from Noragami. We'd seen some Yatos and Hiyoris, and we think maybe a lone Daikoku, which was interesting (and hard to identify for sure without an accompanying Kofuku), but no Yukines, so of course I needed a picture. When I asked for one, she pulled out...a little plush bird! Aaaaaahhh! I think it was a robin, and not a pigeon, but you buy the plushies that are available. And it was wearing a yurufuwa!!!!

...But then we saw the writing on the yurufuwa, which said not simply "smartphone," but "I am a coo phone," and our immediate thought was, "Dirty rotten pirate!" This was also a cause for some serious reflection about our translation choices involving Yato's smartphone. It may just be that we're stubborn, but ultimately we decided that a pigeon named Smartphone is way funnier than trying to make a pun on what pigeons say, and besides, we're pretty sure Japanese pigeons say "po" not "ho." And besides again, even if they did say "ho," that would be a "smart coo," not a "coo phone."

Anyway, I...don't remember how the conversation went, but it came out that we actually all sort of know each other, because this particular Yukine cosplayer tracked us down on the internet and friended us on Facebook. My, my, it is a small world, after all. To be continued.

Today I'm thankful for taking an evening off, getting to meet (and meet again) some really cool editors, getting to go to a super fun Kingdom Hearts cosplay gathering, all the cute Sailor Moon charms we bought, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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