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Change on the horizon

We had one major thing we needed to do before Anime Expo, and we decided we'd rather stay up late to finish it than try to cram it in before leaving tomorrow. Now we can sleep in! ...Especially since we got a little bit of extra time on the thing we needed to do during Anime Expo, so we don't have to worry about getting as much done as we can.

There's news on the kitten front, too, but it's not super great. Today was the annual fire alarm inspection, and before the maintenance team left, they asked us how many cats we have. We should have just said one inside and left it at that, let him ask the questions and not give ourselves away if we don't have to. But we mentioned the outside cats, and because we assumed that he might be on the manager's side, I said we were going to call someone about that. In fact, we have been planning to call someone about them--the nearest Petco or Petsmart, because even though they're not technically rescue organizations, they do deal with rescue organizations. We were just going to wait until after Anime Expo, so we wouldn't have to stress over too many things at once, and besides, the kittens won't be walking for a little while yet.

But now I wanted to make good on what I said, so I called Petco. And the lady who answered the phone was very friendly, and recommended a very good rescue in the area. So we looked them up and are ready to call them...after the convention. To be honest, I hate the idea of giving up all the little fuzzballs, but we do need to stop the population growth, and we're going to need someone to help us catch the mothers if we're going to make that happen. We're kind of hoping they'll just help us catch them and spay them, and then we'll let them all stay, knowing there won't be any more! ...But we probably should try to rehome the kittens. Awww, little fuzzballs...

Oh well. We'll figure it out.

Today I'm thankful for finishing the main thing we needed to finish, having a plan of action for dealing with cats, having our checklist almost ready for the convention, getting extra time on the other thing, and helpful Petco people.
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