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Alethea & Athena
Page the Helper 
1st-Jul-2018 09:19 pm
I wanted to talk about Page and her outdoor habits. They've gotten to be a little strange. It used to be that she would go stand at the front door and meow, so we would open the door and then open the gate to our patio so she could go outside and explore. Of course, with our patio being the cool hangout for all the neighborhood cats, this inevitable resulted in curious kitties coming into our apartment. It used to drive us nuts, but most of them have lost interest by now, so they don't give us too much trouble.

But there are two cats who still like to come in, because despite growing up stray, they like getting attention from humans. So whenever Athena goes outside to give the cats more food or to change their water, one or both of them will come by for pettings.

Now, Page will sometimes do a curious thing, where she will go stand by the front door and meow, but when we go to open it, she'll, for example, go hide under the dining area table. We see her hide and we go, "Okay, if you don't want to go outside, we won't open the door." We'll go back into the office, but then she'll go back to the front door and start meowing. So we open the door to see if she'll actually go outside. She doesn't, but in comes Adrien or Mushroom to say hi. So we're starting to wonder if she's asking us to open the door specifically so the other cats can get the attention they want. That's awfully nice of her. It also makes me think she's similar to us in that she likes others and wants to do things to help them out, but is a little nervous about interacting with them personally. Either way, she's adorable.

Today I'm thankful for Page being such a friendly cat, getting to watch some Noragami stage play extras, having a lovely time reading Harry Potter, scoring a yummy strawberry-flavored torte at Bread Day, and having plans to go to Joe's Italian Ice with a friend tomorrow.
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