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It's late; I don't have time for subject lines

Well we are up late. We had some extra time, so we thought what a great time to watch one of the stage shows we've been not watching. And since it's Usagi's birthday, we decided to watch the Sailor Stars musical that we went to see in Japan, even though we'd already seen it twice. It turned out being longer than we really had time for, but we liked it anyway. Page started meowing at about nine-thirty, and our best guess is that she was like, "Yo, it's late! Why are you still out there watching TV?"

And she's right; we need to go to bed. It's nice that she cares about us. I want to talk about her and her outdoor habits, but I think I can save that for tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Le Mouvement Final again, actually getting some chores done, having clean(er) counters, not having to buy milk this week, and Page being concerned about us.
Tags: kitties, sailor moon musicals

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