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We finished work today! It's especially exciting because it was Nekogahara. Nekogahara is tough, and you might think it's because of all the cat puns, but it's more because of historical references and character voice and exposition. And actually, this volume didn't feel super super hard, but it's still a relief to be finished with it. And! it was on time! ...And actually, we've turned a few things early recently, so I guess this one is more of a relief because we were getting close to the wire. Or something. I don't know.

Then we had the usual dilemma of should we stop working in the interest of not destroying ourselves, or do we start work on the next thing because it's due while we're at Anime Expo and also likely to be interrupted by two simulpubs. We opted for the latter, which, in an interesting coincidence, had a bonus page where the author talked about how she almost killed herself from overwork and was trying to improve her situation. Fortunately for her, she has a friend who does massages.

On the bright side, the series is Hatsu*Haru, and it's so much fun that the first draft almost doesn't feel like work! The first volume of that just came out--you should check it out because it's great!

Today I'm thankful for finishing work today, getting to also work on Hatsu*Haru, being able to stay up just a little late to watch an episode of anime so it wasn't all work, orioles, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
Tags: busyness, hatsu haru, nekogahara, workaholism

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