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The plot thickens...

The thing about not getting a series all at once is that then you have more time to speculate. For movies and stuff, I'm usually happy to just let the movie tell me what all the plot twists are (though I am a little sad that, had Athena and I been sitting together and able to talk when we saw Unbreakable, we totally would have figured out the major twist), but with an ongoing series, where we have to wait and wait and wait and wait and...sorry, momentum, pretty much all you can do is speculate while you wait for the next installment.

This is especially true when you have enough time to re-watch or re-read the earlier installments. We saw the first three episodes of Pretear about four times in one weekend, and each time, we noticed a new thing that helped us figure out the major plot twist in that. Well, one of them.

And so, after translating DN Angel 11 for the second time, I realized something that has turned an observation about Krad into a theory.

The thing about Krad is that he's very effeminate. We would always say that he's such a girl to make fun of him, because of all the gay pictures of him and Satoshi. We said similar things about Ayato in Lagoon Engine (How can you not?, Athena says), and then they started talking about the "sorcery" type, or however it's ended up being translated, that can change shape, and so we figure that Ayato really is a girl. We don't know why s/he would be going around as guy, other than for shock value, but we figure it's kind of an Ozma of Oz type thing.

Anyway. There were some other pictures of Krad that weren't necessarily gay, but had him looking especially girly. Especially his lips. Krad has very girly lips.

Then Argentine started telling Risa about Kokuyoku, and I was thinking about how Argentine wanted to become Kokuyoku, and Argentine told her that Kokuyoku is Dark and Krad--a set of two. And he also said he can't be Kokuyoku unless he, like Dark, has a sacred maiden (or however that ended up being translated; I'm sort of wishing we had used holy). So if Argentine would be the new Dark in Kokuyoku, he would need someone to replace Krad, and he says he needs a maiden, and that means that Krad must be a girl!

We already have theories about Lagoon Engine characters being girls. Still, there are a lot of unanswered questions, like, if Krad is a girl, why doesn't he take over Hikari women? Man, we need volume 12.

So we go to the Asuka website to see if there's any hint of when there will be new DN Angel, and there's not, but it does say that in the next volume there will be something about "ano chuumoku no geemu," or "that game that everyone's paying attention to." Which of course makes us, or me, anyway, unbearably curious to know what "that game" is. Though I wouldn't be surprised at all if it ends up being one I've never heard of. Alas.

Today I'm thankful for honey nut Cheerios, honey nut Toasty-os, Byakuya ~True Light~, the DN Angel Trilogy CD, and pink clouds.
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