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What a day

Oh man, what a day. It started out well enough. We got to work a little bit early, even! ...By like a few minutes. But then we hit a snag that took us forever to figure out. So forever did it take that we ultimately gave up on it, because we found approximately zero clues. It was like that weird kumo/kuma thing in Noragami. It was awful.

But we moved along and we were making fairly good progress again, and then when it was almost lunchtime, we got a phone call. Gaston's coming over tomorrow for two days at Disneyland! (It might only add up to one day, but it amounts to two days of not working, probably.) That will be fun; we need to spend time with friends. And fortunately, one of our things that we thought was due before Anime Expo won't be due until the end of July. But then we spent an hour on the phone. I still have not learned to say, "I'm sorry, I can't talk right now."

Well, that was all fine, and then we were starving, so we decided to go to lunch. Page indicated a desire to go outside, and as I went to the door to let her out, I heard a sound from the patio--a tiny high-pitched meow. One of the neighborhood mollies (she's very much a queen, actually...) had her kittens today! And the two that had just been born had managed to squirm their way into a difficult situation. So I rescued them and put them in the little cat bed the neighbors had bought for such things before they left the cat responsibilities to us.

That ended up taking some of our time, because we wanted to make sure all the kittens were safe and in a good place for their mother to nurse them and everything. It was a little stressful because we don't really know what we're doing, but their mother does, so we figure they'll be okay until we come up with a way to abscond with them to a shelter or at least a veterinarian. But the point is, for now there are four newborn kittens in our patio, and that makes me a little happy.

Then we finally got back to work and oh boy, was it hard. This volume of Fire Force was ridiculous. We even recently joined a chat room with other manga translators, and there's specifically a channel for speaking Japanese, so I went there to see if any of the other translators could help us out, but everyone was stumped. I mean, obviously we think we're the best translators ever, so if it stumps us, it makes sense that it would stump everyone else, too...

And now it's finally bedtime, and our hope of maybe getting to watch anime or something was not realized. Oh well, that's life sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for finally finishing that volume of Fire Force, getting to hang out with friends, confirming that all the kittens are safe, having kittens on our patio, and getting one of our deadlines pushed back.
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