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Today we rebelled and decided to stop working after dinner. Page helped immensely with that decision by sitting in my computer chair and refusing to leave, but we were mostly planning to stop working anyway. We think we can still meet all of our deadlines anyway...except that Gaston has already expressed a desire to go to Disneyland before the big summer blockout. We think we can survive if that happens, but we will be oh so very tired. Anyway, the worst that will happen (aside from us still not having any free time) is that we'll have to ask for more time on the next volume of Hatsu*Haru.

...Oh wait. We just remembered the simulpubs. But we like them, so there's that. I'm really eager to see where UQ Holder! is going.

The other exciting thing (where I use "exciting" in the sense that it's used in Bambi (the book)) is that it looks like it's finally time for us to pick up the pace on Sailor Moon. This is where I remind myself of the importance of living in the moment, because the future is too full of tired. As long as I enjoy what I'm doing, I'll be fine! Just live in the moment and don't worry too much about all the other things you want to do but don't have time for. Manga translating is a fun job.

Anyway. We rebelled and watched some anime. We watched through episode four of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and we decided that it's just not our favorite thing. There are some things about it that are legitimately very funny, but there's a lot of the type of humor that's about how much smarter the one telling the jokes is than everybody else, and we just don't like it when it feels like the main characters are looking down on everyone else.

So then we decided to try out Steins;Gate. An acquaintance mentioned it on Facebook and accused the Japanese cast of not being good. We didn't even know who was in the cast, but we were like, "How dare you ever accuse the Japanese cast of not being good!" because we're like that I guess, so we looked up the cast and found out that the character whose voice was described as "just bad" was played by none other than the great Tomokazu Seki, so we were like, "Oh no you did not." We watched a brief clip and couldn't see what the problem was, so we got into a discussion. The acquaintance said we should check it out, so that's what we did.

Verdict: it's a little slow. We did watch Occultic;Nine, because it starred our beloved favorite voice actor, and they were constantly talking a mile a minute in that one, so even if nothing happened, you didn't have time to realize it. But in this one, you have spurts of Mamoru Miyano speed-talking, and then a lot of looking at stuff. So I don't know. As for Seki-san's character...I do agree that the stereotypical otaku voice is annoying, but A)Daru is supposed to sound like the dude that lived in his mother's basement until he was 40, and B)Seki-san doesn't even go full-on with that voice. Sometimes he even sounds perfectly normal. So we'll give you "maybe not the best choice," but we won't concede to "just bad."

And now we must go to bed, because our future is full of tired.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, having a lot of exciting manga to work on, getting to watch some anime, Page keeping my seat warm, and having a schedule again.
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