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Happy bread day

The nice thing about Sunday is that we can spend all afternoon reading Harry Potter. The not so nice thing about that is that when we've spent all afternoon reading Harry Potter, I don't have much to say here on LiveJournal. I mean, I do have a couple of topics I wouldn't mind rambling about, but when I've spent all day in another world, I can't remember what they are. Also, it appears that we didn't get enough to eat today, so I have a bit of a headache and I want to hurry and raise my blood sugar and then get some sleep.

Oh, but that reminds me! I think the reason we didn't get enough to eat today is that we had an unusually small snack, but the reason for that is kind of nice. I've mentioned Bread Day before, haven't I? Where one Sunday a month, each of the wards meeting in our building would get a turn going over the almost-expired products from the local grocery store bakery and take home whatever they wanted? Well, since they changed all the ward boundaries, only one ward meets in each building, so we get bread day EVERY week!

So while I play postlude music in Primary, Athena dashes off to the kitchen to see if there are any good desserts. Lately, the pickings have been slim, and the competition has gotten fiercer, because the Primary is on the opposite side of the building from the kitchen, while the Relief Society and Elders' Quorum both meet right by there. This week, Athena went to the kitchen and there were no good desserts, which was especially disappointing, because we saw people who had already been to the kitchen holding delicious-looking cookies.

Well, apparently we have built up a reputation for ourselves, and it must be a positive one. As Athena was leaving the kitchen empty-handed, the brother in charge of transporting the bread handed her a box of snickerdoodles. She gratefully accepted, and we decided to make those our snack for today. But! we only felt like eating six of the ten cookies, and they weren't very big cookies, so three cookies each apparently was not enough food. (I mean, it's not like they're those frosted sugar cookies that are 160 calories each.) But I'm still happy about it, because that was really nice of him to save those cookies for us.

Today I'm thankful for the bread man saving cookies for us, having some yummy cookies for a snack today, getting to read lots of Harry Potter, people apparently thinking we're adorable (we don't know; we just guess), and the cute little girl who joined our Primary kids in singing Fathers' Day songs in sacrament meeting (because for some reason more than half our kids were missing) who came up to Athena after the meeting to say thank you and was then happy to tell Athena her life story.
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