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Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Well, we have put ourselves squarely back in Noragami mode by watching the second Noragami stage show tonight. It wasn't as good as the first one, sadly, but it was still pretty fun.

But I wasn't done talking about the Disneyland Office! We got off of Pirates of the Caribbean and made our way to the spot we had previously decided we wanted to try out: the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. It's basically California Adventure's version of Tom Sawyer's Island, in that it's basically like a giant playground. They have some really cool looking around, and a little tire zipline, and a miniature rock-climbing challenge. But since it was also designed to be like you're out in the forest, it seemed like it could be a nice shady spot to be in fake nature while we worked. (We don't like dirt very much, so we tend to prefer fake nature to real nature. Sorry, nature. You're really very beautiful.)

Anyway, California Adventure is wider and spacier than Disneyland, so it actually wasn't quite as cozy and shady as I'd hoped, but we did manage to find a bench that was under a roof-type thing, so we took it and refused to let it go for the rest of the day. It was a pretty nice place to work--there were still people everywhere, but they were usually on their way somewhere else, or parents sitting down while their kids ran around, so it wasn't as distracting as the castle.

The best part was that every so often, Chip or Dale would wander by. I'm not sure how I feel about the "or" thing. We started to wonder if it was a sort of "there's a reason you never see Clark Kent and Superman together" kind of thing, but we may never know. The point is, they would walk by and sometimes interact with guests, always pose for pictures, etc. One time Dale was around and people said stuff like, "Hey, Chip!" We couldn't resist correcting them, because come on, he was right there, let's get it right for his sake, people. Dale seemed pretty happy about it.

The next time he came by, he sat down next to me, and we showed him what we were doing. He took the volume of Waiting for Spring out of Athena's hand and looked at it. Up until that point, it was pretty awesome, but then, because we're awkward, we didn't know what to do. He flipped the pages and stuff, and I was wondering how I could explain what it was about, but never did it occur to me to tell Dale what the series was called. (Maybe I was thinking, "Well, the title's right there on the cover." Of course I remembered later that it was only there in Japanese...although it does say, "We hope for blooming.")

So I do wish I had been a little bit better in that situation (this is why we don't proactively seek out character interactions), but I console myself by reminding myself of the possibility that Dale just flipped through it, determined it wasn't My Hero Academia, and decided he no longer cared. I'm sorry, Dale!

We finished our work and then headed over to see Farley before going home. This time it was really cool, because while we were talking, some guys came up and maybe we were just rewriting the story for dramatic effect in our memories, but we kind of think they had the attitude of, "Heh. Just another actor who doesn't know what he's doing." Anyway, one of them muttered something that neither Athena nor I could make out, but Farley understood him perfectly and started playing his fiddle. Now the guys seemed a little less snobbish. They tried Farley again, and he started playing something else. It was about this time we realized they were saying the titles of fiddle pieces to see if Farley could really play them. That's when things got really cool, because after that, Farley turned it around and said, "Can you name this one?" And he played several fiddle pieces that the guys didn't recognize. By now their family had gathered around, and they were just trying everything--the mother/grandmother even asked if he could play some Cajun music, and of course he could (he played the same piece he always plays when Tiana comes through Frontierland to get to New Orleans Square).

So apparently these guys are folk musicians themselves, and that's why they felt the need to test Farley. Well of course Farley passed, and now they were all having a grand old time discussing folk music, and it was pretty awesome. I think that was the most we've ever heard Farley fiddle. I'm kind of ashamed (but mostly amused) to admit that I didn't realize he was that good until now. I'm not surprised, of course; just didn't know.

Anyway, it was a good day. And today was a good day, and is making us think about what Noragami stuff we have that we might want to get autographed... Speaking of which! We were very pleased to find out that the Attack on Titan premiere on Sunday is not the only thing Yuki Kaji will be participating in!

Today I'm thankful for getting to finally watch the second Noragami stage play, getting to look at the Anime Expo schedule, not having to miss Yuki Kaji at the convention, Dale helping us work a little, and getting to hear Farley fiddle.
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