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Our favorite bench

I wanted to give a more detailed report on our working at the Disneyland Office yesterday, but we ended up playing a little too much Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key, and now we're running a little late for bed. But, hey! We actually got to spend the evening doing something other than work! We think our schedule is such that we won't come to regret this enormously later.

Anyway, instead I'll talk a little bit about when we worked at the Disneyland Office last week. We were working on Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty, so naturally we wanted to stay close to Sleeping Beauty's Castle. As it turns out, there is a bench right under the giant painting of Philip fighting Maleficent, and right across from the painting of him waking Sleeping Beauty. It was the perfect spot, and we got there early enough that nobody had taken it, so that's where we hunkered down to work.

It turned out to be a pretty good spot for more than just the decor, because apparently it's now also a place for characters to come and just hang out. We saw the Wicked Queen and Alice and the Mad Hatter, and Aladdin and Jasmine would walk through occasionally on their way to their meet and greet at Snow White's Grotto. Princess Aurora did, too, come to think of it. But the most interesting is that Gaston would come through, as well. Now, I don't know how much I reported on Gaston when we first saw him at Disneyland, but we were rather underwhelmed. But this time, we couldn't hear anything he was saying (there was a lot of ambient noise, and we were a good fifteen, twenty feet away), but we did see him using a guy for an armrest. That seemed a lot more like the Gaston we know, so we thought about getting a closer look, but we're always too shy about actually interacting with characters. Also, we didn't want to lose our bench.

But then we made it to a decent stopping point, and it was almost time for Farley to come out, and we realized that our beloved bench is probably also specifically there for the families waiting to spoil treat their daughters to a make over at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, so we left. When we came back, we found a different place to sit near the castle, but by this time the park was getting crowded and the area in front of the castle is where a lot of people hang out to wait for their groups or to eat snacks or whatever, and that was starting to get annoying, so we ran away to the relative seclusion of the Hungry Bear Restaurant. Even that place turned out to be less than ideal, because we were translating the very touching ending when a group of friends sat at a nearby table and started playing one of those guessing games. We can never resist Disney guessing games, so it took a while before we could tune out the distraction. Still, it was a pretty good day, regardless.

Today I'm thankful for making good enough progress on work today, getting to do something other than work this evening, the hope that Gaston is more in character (although I'm not sure if he's the type of character you really want to be promoting), the brief time we spent on the perfect bench in Fantasyland, and Page continuing to be super cute.
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