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Alethea & Athena
I still don't quite believe it 
12th-Jun-2018 09:05 pm
Well the big news for today is that our beloved favorite voice actor is coming to Anime Expo. Believe me, in my mind, I am feeling many, many more exclamation points than I typed, but as usual, the course of the day has used up enough of my energy that I'm not feeling them outwardly enough to type them. To be honest, after we saw how Funimation handled guests at Anime Expo last year (awesomely, if you ask us), we kind of thought they had maybe wanted to get him for last year's convention, so we've been anxiously awaiting this year's guest announcements. But then Funimation announced a different special premiere event (what was it again? Oh yeah, My Hero something something), and they announced a theatrical release for the Attack on Titan premiere, so I thought maybe our hopes were not meant to be.

Athena never gave up hope, though. She was sure they would show the Attack on Titan stuff at Anime Expo, too, and she went to our beloved favorite voice actor's agency's home page to check if there was any news of events he was going to. In fact, he was booked practically all the way through the summer. ...All except for the weekend of Anime Expo. So we continued to hope (while being prepared for it not to happen).

And then it happened! And he's actually coming to Anime Expo! We can hardly believe it!

But there's a snag. Isn't there always? The Attack on Titan premiere event will be on Sunday Sunday Sunday! ...And those of you following along may realize that Sunday is the day we stay home from Anime Expo to go to church and rest. And we're still planning on doing that! But we're pretty optimistic that he's not going to come out just for one day (although we know it's happened before), and that at the very least he'll be signing autographs or something on a different day of the convention. And if not...well, that's life sometimes.

In the meantime, we still have plenty of work to keep us occupied while we wait for more news.

Today I'm thankful for oh my goodness Yuki Kaji is coming to Anime Expo!!!, finishing our work quota early today, the Facebook Fast experiment being over (we've determined that we feel very little difference with or without it, but with it, sometimes we get some funny jokes or interesting articles), the delicious chocolate we had for a snack, and remembering to fight a boss in Kingdom Hearts.
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