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Still no time

As usual, the work has taken longer than we wanted it to, and now we're up late. Hopefully tomorrow's work quota won't take so long. We've been off of Facebook for a week now, and I'm pretty sure it has had very little effect on how much time we have. But we're kind of at a point where even ten or twenty extra minutes could be helpful.

We did take time out to call Mom, and she told us that after we hung up she wanted us to not work but to do something fun for half an hour, and it really sounds nice in theory, but in practice it would have meant half an hour less of sleep. I really like to think we'll be getting things under control soon...

We have to get things under control, because Kingdom Hearts III has an official release date, and we still haven't played 2.8. This is how busy we've been--I don't even know the title of the Kingdom Hearts game we haven't played.

On the other hand, we went to the official Kingdom Hearts website last night, and they had posted a trailer for KH3 which we didn't watch (we like to be surprised!), but the screencap already showed us something that had us kind of the opposite of excited. Frankly, almost every announcement we've read about KH3 had us going, "...Oh. Great." But it's not like Disney's given them a lot of great new material to work with. And we've already been to Neverland three different times with three different kinds of background music. We still have high hopes for the overall storyline.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota, having one less book to translate, getting to talk to Mom, having a little bit of time for Union Cross while dinner cooked, and the cute sparkly Rilakkuma box we got in our YumeTwins box.
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