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And today is "The Twins Aren't Going to Die" Day

And Groundhog's Day! Happy Groundhog's Day, everyone!

We called our home teacher to ask him to print out our new contracts and get us some kitty litter, and after that, everything just started working out. The RS President called and told us she was going to the bishop's storehouse today to pick up all our stuff. We were pretty happy, and we went back to work on DN Angel, and then RS Pres. showed up, which was odd because it was one and she said she'd come at three, while Home Teacher said at around eleven that he'd be here in about two hours, and he showed up at two. At any rate, they bothed showed up, so it's all happy. And RS Pres bought us a couple of CostCo pizzas (the kind you bake yourself), which will provide us with dinner for three nights.

And! The temperature in the apartment got up to 71 degrees without us using the heater. I'm only wearing one sweatshirt over my t-shirt right now. It's a nice feeling. Although it is a little scary to think about things getting warmer when you realize what the summers here can be like. But, who knows, we might not be here for the summer. Or we might. We'll see.

Anyway, speaking of printing things, TokyoPop's got a new contract policy which is going to require us to print things regularly. This is kind of a problem, since our poor printer is at least eight years old, and the drivers are gone forever. It was a good printer, and served us well. But now we need a new one. This is a problem, because we have zero money right now. So if anyone on our friends list happens to have an extra printer that needs a good home, we are so here for you.

Tonight I'm thankful for warmer weather, CostCo pizza, not dying, the Apprentice episodes of Teen Titans, and sliced apples.
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